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[SketchBook] Drawing angle of body

Hello, everyone!

Among the works uploaded to PENUP, you can find a lot of works following drawing tips.
Even if you are a beginner, you can easily create high quality works following the tips.
And also, you can get useful tips that take advantage of the features of drawing apps.

You will learn the drawing tips in series from the popular artists who are active in PENUP now.

The first artist is @Gavriel.
He draws the characters full of atmosphere with perfect body proportions.
In the next three times, he will let you know the tips of ‘Natural drawing’.
The topic of this time is ‘Angle of body’.
Expressing the body naturally is an advanced technique, so it is difficult to try.
However, you can draw a picture easily with these tips, so give it a try!

Now, let’s get it started :)

TUTORIAL by @Gavriel

Draw a Angle of body

with SketchBook

Hi, PENUP users!
This is @Gavriel.

In the next three times, I’ll let you know the drawing tips with the theme of ‘Natural drawing’.
If you have just started painting, I would like you to try it once.

So, let’s get started!

The first topic of ‘Natural drawing’ is ‘Angle of Body’.
It is the natural expression of body movement with the angle of body.
‘The horizontal line is stable and the diagonal line is dynamic.’
I have heard these words in my art class.
In other words, when the inclination of body is oblique, the picture can be dynamic.

For your comparison, I tried to draw the upright position.
When I see the works in PENUP, there are a few artists who draw a picture using a symmetrical tool.
It is a good feature to use when it is needed, but if it is used as a whole, you can draw only this kind of stiff position.

This one is also the standing pose but it is a lot different.
Don’t you feel that it is likely to move naturally into another pose?

If you look at the two pictures, you can see that they are same but different.
This is our today’s topic of ‘Angle of body’.

The following pictures are the examples of pictures using this.

Can you feel that it is more dynamic when the angle of body is oblique?

So, let’s find out a little bit more!

You don’t have to know the shape of bones in detail.
However, you need to know the shape of major bones.
In this picture, the movement of the spine is important.
As the shape of the spine is bent in the shape of C or S, the angle of the shoulders and pelvis becomes different.

I checked the parts where the movement occurred.

The body moves in a crosswise direction.

The shoulders and pelvis intersect up and down.

Note that even if they move up and down, left and right, the length of both arms and legs should be the same on both sides.

And there is also one thing to be changed.
It is ‘Center of gravity’.
Unlike when standing with two feet, the center of gravity moved toward one foot.
The picture may look unstable if it is neglected so you have to pay attention to this point.

If it is a picture of a woman, you need to express it more flexible.

Now, let’s finish the picture.
What kind of story do you come up with?
I have a story prepared from the beginning.

This is the main character of the baseball manga.
It is a good posture to put any expression on it.
What line would you like?

“Do you like baseball?”

And clean up the lines.

Now, I’ve done all this.

"Do you like baseball?"

"Not really..."

This is the end of my drawing tip this time.
I hope it helps a little.

The next topic is ‘Consistency(look, action, detail)’ of ‘Natural drawing’.

Thank you for reading this long story.

Today we learned a new tip thanks to @Gavriel.
To draw a person naturally, you need to lean in oblique direction.

I thought that it would be difficult to draw a body but it is possible to express it naturally only with the change of motion.

@Gavriel’s next drawing tip is also expected : )

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