2017-09-07. AM 05:09
[Video] Galaxy Note8 – Speed Drawing #1

The 1st Speed Drawing class with Galaxy Note 8!

There are many small and big changes in PENUP these days.
We brought you news today as well.
We are about to introduce Drawing Tool in PENUP very soon!

The combination of S-Pen that features smooth pen touch that makes you feel as if you’re drawing on a paper and PNEUP’s Drawing Tool!

Now you will be able to draw in PENUP and upload & share at once!

PENUP’s Drawing Tool, which fulfills the basics in drawing, is consisted of seven types of PENS and palettes that includes diversified colors.

PENUP Drawing Tool that is optimized for you to draw comfortably with neat composition!

You can adjust the pen pressure to make free expressions.
Now, shall we go ahead and meet mystic elf that you will be able to see only in fantasy stories?

Please refer to the below link in case you can’t play the clip.

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