2014-10-22. AM 12:47
  • Hello, PENples.
    It's difficult that to draw by mobile device for the first time user because it's not practiced.
    Here, it may help you.
    MNR wanted to share how to detail drawing using the mobile device for PENples.
    Let’s listen her advise.
  • ■ Tip for basic user of digital drawing.
  • It's difficult to draw details using a small device such as mobile phone.
    Other than the habits from manual working environment, I proceed to draw with a specialized method within the digital environment.
    It's a method using eraser since it offers easy and unlimited revision without any damage to the image. Just spread random touches with thick, wide brush and then using the eraser, control intensity pressure of the pen with the eraser to cut the sides to create line.

    *MNR use Layer Paint HD for this artwork.
  • Also, it is necessary for a screen on small devices to enlarge/reduce.
    On a reduced screen, observe the proportion between the structure and figure and must enlarge the screen to work on the areas that require detailed sketch.
  • If you work diligently with steady persistence and passion of drawing, you will be able to draw great pictures that will surpass manual drawings.
    Let's go for it!

    Thank you, MNR.
    PEN.ples, Let's draw!