2014-10-16. AM 04:27
  • Hello, PENples.
    Introducing the second part of the easier art work upload method and more convenient drawing tool download.
    Here is Artflow!
  • ■ The 2nd part, Artflow
  • The Artflow is an application had very easy UI of drawing tool It's equipped with over 70 paint brush, fancy color control and detailed response for s pen. Not only that you can export to psd, png, jpg or upload artwork directly to PEN.UP.

    If you've completed a piece, just upload right away.
    Click the share button on the right.
  • Wow! PEN.UP is 2nd on the list. Quickly click!
  • Upload completed!
  • You can see drawing tool icon on the bottom from here as well.
    If your friends are inspired to draw after having seen your drawing, they just have to click on this icon. If you are inspired, don't resist anymore.
    Click on the right icon.
  • It's moving to Artflow download.
    Now easier and quicker download is possible.
  • Express your uniqueness with Artflow. :)