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[Artrage] Draw a Landscapes

We are now here for giving you drawing tips.

Do you know one useful tip when you do drawing on smartphone?
It is in fact using photographs.

In this drawing tip, @SSB, who always gives us some beautiful landscapes,
will use photographs to easily and smartly draw beautiful landscapes.

Those who have felt drawing landscape is a delicate and
difficult work may get a chance to draw your own landscape step by step.

Now let us get started! :-)


Draw a Landscape

with Artrage

First of all, locate your PENUP app on your first mobile screen after download.
It’s for free.

You can upload the finished works on PENUP and
you would instantly meet a world where you could interact with painters from all over the world.

You can also use the basic app “SAMSUNG NOTES” to draw and upload the artworks on PENUP.

I use the SAMSUNG NOTES drawing pad.
I also use Artrage app.

The device I use is Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

In order to download Artrage app, you need to check on the part that is indicated above.
Select “PEN.UP exclusive app”.

Install “Artrage”.
It’s paid, but you could use it forever with one installment.

Also, don’t miss the tutorials.

Let us begin “Artrage” app to draw.
First, click on the indicated part above.

Put in the title in the “New Painting” indicated above.
I usually insert in the dates. If its June 14, it would go 0614.

Below is the window where you could adjust the width and length.
When you click on the rotating arrow, it would change to 853x480.
The vertical canvas would be 480 x 853.

Click on OK.

(Don’t worry about the blue line in the middle of the screen; it shows that the app is working properly.)

The 480x583 canvas is created.
Now, let’s go on drawing.

To open your photograph from your mobile library, click “Import Image”

I opened the photograph that I wanted to draw from the gallery.

Then, use the button to adjust the transparency level from 0% to 100%.

You need to color from the farthest part; it would be sky then.
Use “tube” for the brush and select the blue color range.

Color sky with the “tube”.
Color more for the highest part and color it lighter you come down.
Just feel free to draw.

When you set the transparency level to 0%, you will see the colored parts.
Since you need to rub the colored part, select “knife”.

You can select the rub effect.
There are many different types.
Try everything.
If you don’t like it, just click on the return arrow above; it will bring you to the previous step.
Don’t you worry.

I selected “Heavy Blurred Frosting”.

This is the sky completed with the blurring.

Call the photograph again.
Use the pin part to bring it to front.
Since the photograph underneath is dim,
you could refer to it when you sketch or color.

Color the mountain you see behind the evergreen tree with “choco tool”.
When you color it with tubes, the watercolors would smudge too much.

The photograph that has been brought to the front could be adjusted and move about with the finger.
So just place it wherever you like.

After I colored it with “choco tool” and smudge it with “knife”,
I finally got the mountains done.

Then call the photograph again.

Color the rocks with the “tube”.
You may choose to use the thick lines.
Choose whatever color you like.

I chose brown unlike the color in the original photograph.
Shadows are important,
so finish it with darker colors.

Hide the photo and smudge the empty spaces with the knife tool.
The coloring with tube to express the roughness in rocks is quite attractive.

Draw in evergreen trees and a person, and cut the white empty space with “smart select”.
Then save.
The completed piece would be saved in the mobile gallery.

Then upload it on PENUP.
You will meet a world where you could interact with the artists from other parts of the world.

For those who try to draw for the first time,
try this out!

You may take a lot of photos with the smartphones to leave good memories, right?
When you follow along the drawing tips of @SSB, you will get your precious memories in the drawings of your own.

The natural landscape that looks complicated is not hard to draw at all! :-)

Don’t forget to say thank you to @SSB who gave us precious drawing tips in details.

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