2017-06-30. AM 05:52
[Video] Galaxy Tab S3 – Speed Drawing #1

The 1st Speed Drawing with Galaxy Tab S3!

Hi, everyone! Did you know that Galaxy Tab S3 was recently released?
Various reviews from all over the world are coming up.

Especially, the ‘S pen’, released together with Galaxy Tab3 this time, is causing a hot response.

As well as the ‘S Pen’,
in the case of the ‘Staedtler’s Digital Pen’, created from the technical agreement,
it is said that a lot of users are looking for it eagerly :)

As for the Staedtler’s digital pen, created from the agreement with Staedtler Company which is famous for the various color-pens and pencils, many people are showing the good reaction such as ‘it feels like drawing with an actual pencil’ or ‘I was surprised at the subtle and sophisticated drawing pressure’.

And the Speed Drawing prepared by PENUP
has a little more special meaning this time.

We invited the artist @dongdongkim and the artist @hosio
who are working hard at PENUP :)

The two artists have delivered their drawing tips for PENUP.
And this time, they meet PENPLE with their videos.

Thanks again to the artists who participated in the video production :)

And right now!
PENUP Speed Drawing with Galaxy Tab S3!
Let’s start with the artist @dongdongkim’s Speed Drawing :)

If you can not play the video, please use the link below.

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