2014-10-07. AM 09:33
  • Hello PENples.
    The PEN.UP team is always rooting the PENples love for drawing.
    So we have prepared something.
    We introduce a easier way to both upload art work and download drawing tool.
  • ■ 1: Zen Brush
  • We've tried using zen brush to write to you. We put our hearts that shine as sparkling stars into it.
  • If you've completed a piece, just upload right away
    without having to go through many procedures.
    Click on the menu button at the bottom and choose "post to PEN.UP"
  • Write title and description tag and press "post" and it's uploaded!
  • But! Discovered something new? There is a drawing tool icon at the bottom. This icon will make you and your friends happy. As you enjoyed the PEN.UP artists' works, you were probably curious about which tool has been used. If you've been inspired, don't hold back anymore. Just click the icon on the right!
  • It's moving to Zen Brush download. It's become so easy.
  • Why not enjoy calligraphy tonight!
    Why don't you give oriental painting a try this weekend ??