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[Infinite Painter] Drawing Gothic Architecture

Did you receive the 2017 PEN.UP Calendar?
For PEN.UP, it was so meaningful to reach so many people.

The calendar takes the form of postcards decorated mainly with cityscapes.
So the drawing tips will also deal with urban scenery.

The tips are presented by the artist who drew Jodhpur, an Indian city for the calendar.
In addition, he is a new member of HOF for November, 2016.

Now, let’s follow @Nitin.Kurvey’s lead for drawing Gothic Architecture.

TUTORIAL by @Nitin.Kurvey
Drawing Gothic Architecture
with Infinite Painter

Hi PEN.ple, I’m Nitin Kurvey.
I’m an architect by profession.

Architecture is all about communicating ideas visually, and there is no better way than sketching, to quickly express an idea.

I do a lot of sketching for professional practice and as a hobby.
Sketching also helps me a lot with my creative thinking.

I decided to go with the Urban Cathedral for this tutorial because it was Christmas time and it just seemed appropriate.

This is my First Draft for the tutorial.
Here I have incorporated the basic elements of Gothic Architecture.

I’m doing this tutorial on my Note4.
I’m a big fan of Galaxy N4 and have been using it for past 2 yrs.

Ever since its launch it has been my favorite tool for sketching.
I prefer working with Infinite Painter which I won during one of the monthly challenges last year.

To start with, I set up the canvas size to a maximum resolution of 1687 x 3000 pixels for better quality.

In order to determine the point of view and vanishing points I referred the rough draft.

I drew the profile sketch of the cathedral on layer one which I then locked for future reference.
Next I started with the details of the main building on a new layer.

I made a separate layer for the spire and choose a slightly lighter colour for the details.

This was done to mark the distance between the two elevations.

Further details were added by erasing and shaping the lines.

This is the process of adding more details.

Now it was time to stop with the details, and do some colouring.
Shown here are the shades I had picked for painting the building.

The colouring of the building was done on a different layer which was then merged with the layer containing the building profile.

Background plays an important role in enhancing the foreground and brings out the correct ambience.

I have selected a shade of blue to depict the night sky and I started spraying the light yellow and blue lines to the third vanishing point to add additional drama.

Once done with blurred lines I duplicated the layer and then blended them together (Blend -Overlay).
Further I duplicated this blended layer for future use.

Then I started smudging one of the layers with Ink - Atticus Brush towards the third vanishing point.

While smudging with Atticus brush I added some blue, black and ochre to achieve additional depth to the scene.

Honestly this came out far better than expected.

Once done with the background I started smudging the cathedral with Ink-Atticus brush to merge it with the background.

Here also the smudging strokes were converging towards the third vanishing point.

Now back to the spare background layer which I had duplicated earlier.
I brought this untreated layer above the background layer and start erasing, with an eraser that had various line weights.

I erased in such a way that the background resembled skyscraper windows.

Next I duplicated all the layers, merged them and flipped them with reference to the centre line of vision.

A reflection was created on which I made road markings and street lamps.

The glowing effect was created by using spray brush and light orange colour on a separate layer.

This layer was then smudged towards the third vanishing point to merge with the cathedral and background.

Road marks are made with gray and black stripes and then smudged towards left and right vanishing points to merge with the background.

After the final review.
It was time to put the signature and conclude the artwork.

That was around three hours of work.
I had fun doing it. Hope you guys like it and find it useful.

Thank you.
Nitin Kurvey.

The Urban Cathedral is so beautiful with its gorgeous colors.
Thanks to @Nitin.Kurvey for his step by step drawing tips.

@Nitin.Kurvey thought a lot to present detailed drawing tips while redoing the works many times.
The work clearly suggests how much he tries to deliver useful tips.

We appreciate it again.
We will look forward to other wonderful cities created by @Nitin.Kurvey.


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