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[Sketchbook] Learning the tools through drawing

Hi, everyone!
For this time, the artist characterized with the delicate lines provided the drawing tips.

The drawing tips of @NanNi, the HOF in August, 2016, are about how to use the drawing tools in Sketchbook app.

Since @NanNi uses the previous version of Sketchbook, the locations of icons and menus may be a little bit different from the latest version.
So, you can refer to it^^

Now, let's get started!

Learning the tools through drawing
with Sketchbook

Hello, everyone!
I'm @NanNi, one of the PEN.UP users ^^

While I was thinking about what kind of drawing tips would be useful for you, I decided to let you know the way I usually use when I have no idea.

Generally, I'm working with Sketchbook for galaxy as well as Galaxy Note 10.1

I'll bring up the images that I had skipped because I did not come up with an idea when I was drawing a picture.

Let's transform the image slightly using Tools - Transform.

If you click Transform, you can see the buttons at the top.
Click one by one to convert the image into the one you want!

I saved the image after rotating it to the right.

Select a layer to duplicate the image.

To transform the duplicated layer slightly, click Tools - Transform as well.

And now, apply the top and bottom reversal using the buttons on the right.

I'll add a layer to paint the lips.
I added a new layer and selected my favorite red!

Let's paint easily with tools!

When using Tools - Symmetry, both sides are painted, even if only one side is painted.
In my case, I painted the lips red using an airbrush.

After coloring, I merged the sketches.

And since I thought the sketch was a bit blurry after merging, I duplicated the picture one more time and merged it again.

How about this?
Do you feel the picture is a little bit clearer?

I think the picture looks a bit bored, so let's add background and color!

Add a new layer and color the background using Tools - Fill.
Since it is a background, move the layer to the bottom.

And to paint the skin, generate the layer one more time.

And this is also comfortable when using Tools - Symmetry?
Because of the background color, the eyes looks a bit scared ^^;;

Erase the white from the background quickly.
Like this, you have to work on dividing the layers, which makes it easier to erase and paint over later!

Let's decorate the background using Tools!
Add layers and click Tools - Circle.

* Note :
In case of the latest Sketchbook app, it is located in Tools-Guides.

Try drawing freely around the center circle!
It doesn't matter which part comes out.

Since the layers are divided, you can erase the parts after drawing.

Finally, I'll express the vividness on the skin.
Select the color and adjust the opacity and brush size of the airbrush.

As for me, I added the color focusing on the cheekbone parts.

It is completed! ^^
Thank you all! Thank you!

Thank @NanNi for giving us the tips on using the drawing tools :)

How about this?
I followed the drawing tips of @NanNi directly and the guide tools were very useful!

Since it was possible to draw the clear lines, it was like working with a computer! ^^

It will be good to try a new one using these tools.
Use your tools to draw a good picture!

Thank you.

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