2013-11-29. AM 09:20
  • ■ Find out about drawing app
  • There are many drawing apps for uploading at PEN.UP. Anyone can sketch and paint with apps divers functions. Today, we look into what kind of drawing apps around
    us and special features of them.
  • 1. If you want to draw more detail one,
        SketchBook® for GALAXY
  • Autodesk SketchBook® for Galaxy is a professional-grade paint and drawing application.
    With the same paint engine as the renowned SketchBook Pro apps, it delivers a complete sophisticated set of sketching & painting tools through a streamlined and intuitive user interface.
  • Whether you are an occasional doodler or a professional illustrator, SketchBook for Galaxy transforms your Samsung Galaxy device into a powerful digital sketchbook.
    There are a lot of brushes from basic to pattern brush of SketchBook Pro.
    Find your optimized brush for your drawing and make a work.
    If you are a semi-professional or professional, through try SketchBook for Galaxy anyone can make a great work.
  • 2. Express your idea as drawing, PlusPen
  • PlusPen is application to make drawing memo easily.
    It can use very easily as a play tool at the café that you draw on the napkin with various idea when you killing time.

    It provides diverse templates such as graph paper and large-sized note book.
  • 3. Rebirth an ordinary picture as a cartoon,
  • ComicBook! is a fool-blown cartoon production app for drawing cartoon.
    There is no brush and pen functions, but it can change into funny cartoon with tedious pictures through various filters, layout, speech bubble, sticker and font.
  • 4. Sketch Guru can change any pictures
        into artistic drawing work
  • Sketch Guru is a professional drawing app which can change a picture into a work of art through differing effects.
    Through thirteen filter lenses, it can make various drawing works which is the strength of this.
    Especially, it can control light, brightness and chroma. So you can create great picture with picture editing function.
  • 5. Looking as if it use real brush! Zen Brush
  • Zen Brush is an enjoyable drawing app though feeling which looks like a real brush.
    Not brush writing, calligraphy only, but also it can be drew sumi drawing through modulation of ink stick.