2016-09-05. AM 02:17
Galaxy Note7 – Speed Drawing #2

Speed Drawing with Galaxy Note7 and S-pen
#2. "Blossom"

Samsung Notes, a default app on Galaxy Note 7
Here is the Episode 2 Speed Drawing on using the Brush function of the app.

Brush contains the essential brushes
so that you can conveniently draw anything anytime.

Especially the oil brush can create a feeling of the real oil painting with the colors naturally blended.

That is why this Speed Drawing created flowers in full bloom by using the more sophisticated version of S-pen.

And we have another good piece of news for PEN.ple.
The interlocking function between PEN.UP and Brush has become more convenient.

With just one click on Brush, you can upload the work upon PEN.UP.
And you can make any work shared on PEN.UP the background image of your phone.

Check it out now with the video!

If you are having issues with playing videos, Please click on the link below.
>> https://youtu.be/M4bj6Hg91tM

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