2016-08-25. AM 09:20
Galaxy Note7 – Speed Drawing #1

Speed Drawing with Galaxy Note7 and S-pen
#1. "We are the one"

The newly released Galaxy Note7 has become the talk of town with its beautiful curvy design, good grip, waterproof and eye scanning features.

The more sharpened S-Pen now lets you to draw in a more natural and smooth way due to its think penpoint.

So, PEN.UP has come up with the first episode of Speed Drawing!

You can use the Samsung Notes’ drawing pad app for easy sketch and convenient sharing with PEN.UP!

'Samsung Notes' application installed on Galaxy Note7 is a convenient app that has converged diverse features including handwriting, drawing pad and key pad.

In particular, the “Drawing pad” function has all different types of brushes necessary when drawing.
Also, you can have a glance at Black Onyx color model that is to be released!

PEN.UP and PEN.Ple coming together as one!
Meet us through the video!

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