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[Sketchbook] Draw cat
Hi! PEN.Ple!

For this time, the drawing tips are presented by @greeda,
who is well known to Penple for the lovely and warm pictures.

Now let’s create a cat, which appears as a main character in many of @greeda’s works.

TUTORIAL by @greeda
Draw cat with Sketchbook

Hi! I am @greeda.

I am the illustrator for Yellow Cat and Little Girl in PEN.UP, and a steward living with a yellow cat ‘Cheon-nyang-i’ for 7 years.

I like the feeling of hand drawing in digital media.
In the tough world, I hope my works would be a small solace.

Now let’s get started.
First, open the Sketchbook app.

I will start by creating a dot pattern as a background.
I filled the background with the red color by going to [Tools > Fill].

Create a new layer, and draw a white circle by going to [Tools > Style].
And fill the white circle with white. Coarseness would be more attractive.

I prefer to use No. 2 pencil to fill colors.
It feels like a work done on a piece of paper with color pencils.

Let’s do the dot pattern.

To put the circles with the same space among them, go to [Tools > Getting images] and got the grid pattern.
(Please search for grid pattern!)

Adjust the transparency of the grid pattern layer to make the background color and the white color distinctive.

Select the layer of the white circle and go to
[Tools > Conversion] and adjust the size on the top left.

Again, Select the layer of the white circle and select [Duplicate], and then create two more layers.

Select each of the white circle layers and go to
[Tools > Conversion] and then adjust the layers so that the circles are positioned with the same space among them.

Select and merge the top layer and another layer, and then do the same with other layers.

I completed the pattern above by [Duplicate] the merged layers.

Now let’s draw the cat.
First, click the eye icon to [hide] the layer.

Create a new layer and go to
[Tools > Symmetry] tool to draw a cat.

How about putting some clothes on the cat?

While there are all kinds of cats, my favorite is the yellow cat.
Put yellow as the base, and draw cat patterns, cute nose, smiling mouth and ears.

For all these tasks, I use my favorite tool, the No.2 pencil.

Add a new layer and create eyes.

First create just one eye and then just [Duplicate] on the same layer to create another eye.

At [Tools > Conversion], select the second menu
[Flip right-left] to form the rough contour of the cat.
(From the first place, you can use [Symmetry], but I tried a different way just for fun.)

Disclose the hidden background layer and adjust the transparency of the background.
And then finishing touches.

Put the twinkles on the cat’s eyes, and then create the wet pink nose and add whiskers.


What is the cat you completed like?

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Thanks for reading my humble drawing tips.

by @greeda

What do you think about the drawing tips on using the various functions of the Sketchbook app.
It is amazing that we can create the cute dot patterns even on mobile.

It would be interesting that you would draw your pet animals like @greeda.
We are very grateful to @greeda for the useful drawing tips.

Thank you.

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