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[Sketchbook Pro] Draw summer vacation
Hello, PEN.ple!
Today we have drawing tips presented by @SPR, who is the 2014 January HOF!

The tips that he has prepared are perfect for overcoming the summer's heat and are going to be well-suited for this month's ‘Let’s Draw Sports’ challenge.

Just take a look and let’s draw a refreshing Summer Vacation!

Draw summer vacation with Sketchbook Pro

Hello! I’m @SPR.

I wanted to create a fun and easy picture to showcase summer vacation fun.
Water, waves and reflections are always fun to recreate.

I will be using Sketchbook Pro, it is still my favorite drawing app.
Hopefully you can use some of these tips to capture your summer vacation.

First I start a new drawing with just 6 layers and draw a rough outline on the first layer, which will overlap my other layers while I work.
(My basic outlines are usually just scribbles to help with placement and perspective.)

The 2nd step is to use the airbrush tool to put in the sky.
I like beautiful bright blue skies.

I use the larger brush tool to roughly put in big clouds.
Use your imagination to create any shape you like.

I switch back to the smaller airbrush tool and pick a darker blue color to shade in the clouds, giving them more depth.

It is okay if it is messy now, we will be blending later ☺
I approach my digital paintings like my canvas paintings and put down my ground colors first.

On a separate layer I used the airbrush tool with the same dark color as the shadows for the clouds and quickly color in the ocean.

Once you have the ocean in, then you can pick a bright color to make the eye of the wave.
This will indicate the light signing through.

Use the color to finish up the base of the ocean color as well.

I use a separate layer for the details, just incase I want to make changes or delete the whole layer.

I select the multiline tool and use it on the top of the wave to give the illusion of motion.

Not sure what this tool is called, but it is great for splashes and crashing water details.

Now time for some fun and to give some character to this drawing.

On a separate layer I wanted to add a beach ball, rocks and a seagull.

For the bright beach ball I used the airbrush tool.
The airbrush tool is great to show a delicate graduation of color to indicate natural shadows.

Now time for some sparkle.

I use the star brush with bright white color to highlight the water drops from the splashes and sparkling water in distance.

Go ahead and delete the 1st rough outline layer now.

⬇︎ Detail Cut

I love the blending brushes in Sketchbook Pro.

I use the lose blending brush to blend the reflection in the water.
I use a back and forth stroke to give the illusion of water.

Put in the as much details as you like. I put in a small starfish and some seaweed.

Sign the bottom and now you are ready to share.
Well Done!

I would love for you to try these tips out to capture your summer vacation memories and share it with me and PEN.UP.

Thank you! Love,
Susan Rossell SPR

By using Sketchbook Pro, she is showing us not only how to draw the sea, but also how to draw detailed waves.

Let’s thank @SPR for giving us this interesting step-by-step tutorial!

It’s already August and it seems like many of you are already going on your summer vacations~

We hope that you’ll put this summer down memory lane not just by taking photos but also by drawing the beautiful places that you go to.

Thank you!

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