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[LayerPaintHD] Draw Character
Hi! PEN.Ples ^^

This time, the drawing tips are provided by @Bpistudio, who makes creative works to excite children’s imagination.

Following the instructions on creating characters given by 2015 September’s new member of HOF and children’s book illustrator, @Bpistudio.

Let’s exert our imagination.

TUTORIAL by @Bpistudio
Draw Character with LayerPaint HD

Hi. I’m @Bpistudio.
Let’s draw Character!

Start out with a big pencil roughing out the overall shapes that you had in mind.

This is the second pass after I decided that the character was going to have a bulky upper body and skinny legs.

Also I decided to have the character frown and have a uni-brow.

Go over the original sketch with a dark pen like the one in layerpaint HD.

Add details that you see necessary: Hair, Clothing, Dark shadows

Now add your skin tones on a separate layer preferably underneath to allow for the line work to be on top.

Add lighter tones to edges where you know light will shine.

Now add the color of the clothing in a separate layer.

Select a local color and then add variations of the color.
You can even use a very dark tone.

Don’t forget to use highlights.

The application has also the option to use a clipping mask.

Use it to add color variations to the clothing to make them look more natural.
These clipping masks will only show on the painted area below the clipping mask layer.

If you leave your line art layer below the color layers, you will have to erase any color spilling over the line art.

In this stage we can add more variation throughout the painting and also add a layer with shadow.

The shadow layer is done by selecting a dark color, like dark purple or navy blue, and going over the areas that will be in shadow.

After you finish, set the layer back to about 30% opacity.
This layer should only have shadows.

Now add a gradient in the background underneath your out line layer.
This will help make the image pop out of the background.

Experiment with a couple of colors. Take in consideration your lighting scheme.
Here I’ve added a yellow hue to which resembles light.

I kept the top lighter due to the lighting coming from the top.

At the end, just sign it and you are finished.

Thanks for following along.

Many thanks to @Bpistudio for your drawing tips.

While following the drawing tips presented by @Bpistudio, it seems that we have to try to become an illustrator for children’s books.

How about you attempting to draw your own picture book?

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