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[Sketchbook] Draw hair
Hi! PEN.Ple ^^

These drawing tips are provided by April’s new member of HOF, @Gavriel, who has been offering the works of wonderful characters.

Each one of his works is so sophisticated by adding wonderful backgrounds to his characters.

Now let’s learn his techniques to render natural hair.

TUTORIAL by @Gavriel
Draw hair with Sketchbook

Hi. I am @Gavriel.
It’s quite a while since I last presented drawing tips.
Today, I am going to introduce some techniques to render natural hair.

Many people may think that I would spend lots of time on rendering hair.
But actually that’s not so complex or taking long time.

Now, let’s do that with a mobile app, Sketchbook.

First, bring a “bald” girl.

Then decide a hair style, and following the contour of the head draw the outer lines(indicated with red lines).

And then consider where the root of the hair should be.
The directions of front hair, side hair and back hair should be decided.

Can you keep front hair, side hair and back hair distinct?

Take the direction of each hair and follow the flow of it downside.

Hair flows downward turning this way or that way along the lines of ears, shoulders, arms, and breasts.

Curly hair becomes curlier as it flows down.

Once the overall shape of the hair has been created, then add details to that.
The way to do that is to divide the hair downward little by little along the long line of the hair.

The more diverse the strands, the more natural they would look.
Try not to make the same or two similar strands.

Take the different heights and take the different directions.
Lastly, drawing some strands crossing each other would add the details.

And by filling in those places which look empty you could avoid being weak.(indicated with yellow color)

In this way you can produce the results which are seen on the right.

Now by utilizing all those tips above, try to create hair.

Like the picture on the right, remove those lines behind the contour of the body.

Fill the colors and finish it.

Many artists say “the more you draw, the better you can create.”
That’s true, but to be more specific, it is more important to draw while thinking.

For example, consider whether the hair should flow forward or backward encountering shoulders, or how a strand should curve if another curves this way, why the creases of fingers or elbows should turn this way.

If you pay enough attention to these details, just 10 sheets of exercise would be enough rather than discarding 100.

I hope all of you will first think a lot and then admire what you have created.

Thank you.

The focus of the tips @Gavriel presented is “hair.”
Sometimes rich hair alone can make a character look wonderful.

The artist understands exactly in what points Penple have difficulty when drawing, and presented the right solution.

Again we are so grateful to @Gavriel.
We hope Penple will be able to create wonderful characters by using these tips. ^^

Thank you.

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