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[Artrage] Draw freesia
Hello, PEN.Ples!
This drawing tips were given by @kstar.
Bright yellow colored freesia resembles spring.
In flower language it’s “purity” and “innocence”.

Let’s draw freesia sweet fragrance of which comes as a huge attraction.

TUTORIAL by @kstar
Draw freesia with Artrage

Hello, PEN.Ples!
I am PEN.UP user @kstar.

Today, I would like to tell you about some Artrage app tips about drawing freesia in oil painting style.

Firstly, open the Artrage app and click on “New Painting”.

Then when you click on the “Presets” menu, you will see new canvas setting with the setting adjusted in advance.

The freesia bouquet you see at the top will be used as the reference image.

I gave this to my wife on her birthday; I didn’t know I would use this picture for this session.
If you have a picture of flowers saved in your mobile gallery, try to make your own drawing from it.

Now click on the third button from the right which represent the “Reference” menu to bring out the image out from the gallery.

The image will pop up on the canvas.
You can change the size or location or even rotate it with your two fingers.

Now, let us begin with the drawing.
If you just simplify the flower in the picture, you may see it as a circle on top of a cylinder.

You should put in shades in two to three stages; draw the shaded parts darker and the light parts lighter.

I don’t delicately express the outline sketch.
Like the ‘pen sketch’ on the top left side, I only sketch out the shape and location.

Also, I frequently color the drawing right away like the picture on the right side.

As in the picture above, select the “oil brush” and put a line across the canvas.

Artrage would make it into oil painting style.
Galaxy Note S-Pen has a pen pressure so that the shape of the lines look sharpened.

Now, let’s draw the flowers.
You just need to give two to three shades and draw simply.

Apply the basic color to the rugby ball shaped bud and dark color to the dark sides.

If you want more details draw reflection light or strong light (the same when you draw the stems).

As above, you can draw whatever flowers you may want to draw.

If you want a background, you could add a layer and drag it into the bottom, and then fill the background with color on new layer.

I selected the roller tool to color the background with blue color.

Rather than using just one tone, it would be nice if you change the tones a little bit and roll the colors on the background.

Once the background is done, choose the knife tool and roll it again.

You can effectively get an oil painting style, which is hard to present in the real drawing.

If you draw flowers with small buds like baby’s breath, you can use the glittering tool.

Change the shape, size and colors freely by adjusting the detailed setting.
Of course, you should sprinkle just the right amount of the glitter so that it wouldn’t have too much of twinkling.

You can finish up by drawing the blossoms more in this way.
(FYI, the picture on the left side is the one before the knife rolling has been applied.)

Below is the video clip of the drawing process of freesia.
It might be helpful for you to scan through of how the freesia had been drawn.
Now, challenge yourself by drawing your own style flowers!

Thank you.

I didn’t know that it was this easy to present the oil color painting through mobile art.

I feel as if there is a fragrance of freesia.
Why don’t you try out an oil painting this time?

Thank you @kstar for the drawing tips!

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