2016-03-21. AM 08:20
[Infinite Painter] Draw waterdrops

Draw waterdrops with Infinite Painter


The drawing tip we are about to introduce to you today has been provided by @MBD.

It will be helpful to March challenge theme ‘water’.
That is draw waterdrops!
Shall we draw waterdrops together before the March to pass.

Hi PEN.PLEs. I’m @MBD.

Today I'll be showing you a very quick tutorial on how to make water drops using the Infinite Painter app.

Your going to want to start by picking your colors.
I went with four for this project using Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue and White.

Second thing is figuring out the shape or shapes that you desire to create. Examples being tears, droplets or even a glass of spilt liquid.
I chose droplets for this tutorial.

Using the Paint Brush Tool set on Leo I made three droplet like shapes using the base color of Light Blue.

Once done with your base you can move onto your accent shade color which I'll be using Blue for this portion.

Apply it to a few spots that you would like shadow to appear and blend using the same brush tool till desired affect is achieved.

You can play with the opacity setting to increase or lower the blending strength of the brush tool.

Once blending is complete for both the Blue and Dark Blue you can move on to adding your white for the affect of light hitting your droplets.

I made a few solid circles of white using the Spray Tool set on Mirando.

Now with the white placed you can go back to the Brush Tool set on Leo once again.
Remember you can set the opacity and size of the tool.

Blending the white till you get the affect of light hitting the droplet depends on the artist so its up to you.
I used the dark blue for little bits here and there.

This will give it a lil more depth and contour where needed.

We'll there you go..We're Done :)

To give you a more final look then just water droplets on a white background.

I have applied them to a drinking glass slowly dripping down.
You can make a glass quickly by using the Sketch Tool set on Thoreau.

Draw your outline of a slightly stretched oval shape horizontally and 1 or 2 vertical lines down from the edges of one or both ends of the Oval.

Fill in the area using Blue with the Spray Tool set on Banksy.
Use the same tool, but pick some light and dark blues to give shading then blend everything.
To add lil bit of detail to the edges of the glass use white.

And after combining the two and blending Voila were done !!

Good luck everyone and thank you for enjoying my work as I do all of yours.

Good job !
March challenge not over yet!
Would you like try it challenging utilize the droplet?

Also, thank you @MBD for your quickly and easily tips!

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