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[Sketchbook] Draw tulips

Hello, PEN.PLEs!

@Mariella, the HOF of January 2016, has sent us drawing tips.
Her tips are referenced from the tulip drawing, which was the theme of last November’s challenge.

Shall we draw the tulips with vibrant colors with the “Sketchbook” APP?

Draw tulips with Sketchbook

Hi. This is @Mariella.
Let’s drawing tulips with Sketchbook Apps!

First we choose the image to be reproduced.

Of the this image I decided to take this part..

We draw the contours of the image to be reproduced.
I used a pencil.

This pencil drawing layer in reality there will only serve as a basis.
At the end of our work we will delete it.

Let's add some detail.
The drawing is finished we start to color.
Take another layer and as a tool we use your inhaled.

Let's choose the color palette that is closest and begin to color

the parts of the design keeping in mind the position of the various parties that is what's behind and what's ahead obviously using various layers.

By doing so we give depth to the work itself.

For each petal color we add various special looking at the picture that we hold in suspension at work.

Then we take this tool We choose a slightly lighter color, let's make it a little transparent.

we regulate the size and pass it on another layer on the petal.

We do the same thing by choosing this other instrument
This will sound like the petal slightly velvety

Then, we change tool and We take this

To make the veins of the petals, leaves and stems ... Change color~
we try to close as possible to the color of the veins of the reference photo petals.

On another layer reproduce the veins
trying to make them as similar to those of the picture.

Our petal begins to take shape!
I keep on the center ring Sketchbook tools and colors that we use most. We continue to add details.

When we are satisfied with the work we combine the various layers with different details of the same portion of the drawing.

We continue like this for all parts of the drawing.
Until all the parts are always working on multiple layers.

When we finished we remove all parts of the design or "close to the sight" the layers in the drawing guide.

At this point we can also combine all the layers. Still give some finishing touches still using the first instruments where there is need and clean the work

Wishing we can add a color background to the ever using another layer, placing it below the layer of our design.

In this case we leave the white background

And here's our design finished! Thank you.

Good job!

Wouldn’t it be good if you upload the finished drawings with the PEN.UP tag so that PEN.UP will bloom with spring atmosphere?
Show us your tulips!

Also, thank you @Mariella for your helpful tips!

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