2014-04-30. PM 12:10
  • Do you remember how to make a scratch drawing you have learned in an art class of elementary school?
    First you draw a picture in many different colors with crayons over a sketchbook, and then paint over the top of sketchbook with black colored crayon.
    Finally, you scratch a drawing with a pin or a paper clip.
    This is called "Scratch". For now, let's try to learn how to draw a scratch using SketchBook Pro.
  • 01.  Create a new canvas and paint a background with many different colors.
    Add a new layer in a layer window.
    Paint the new layer with black color using the fill tool or a suitable brush.
  • 02.  Add one more layer and draw a picture for marking scratch on it.
    Adjust the transparency of the layer in order to see the sketched image dimly.
    For doing the next step, select the layer colored in black.
  • 03.  Select an eraser brush in Brush window.
    Adjust the thickness of eraser brush for drawing.
    Draw the sketched image accordance with the eraser brush.
    The black image is cleared and then the picture is expressed.
  • 04.  Zoom-in a screen and then draw its details with adjusting the thickness of eraser brush.
  • 05.  Drawing scratch is well done.
  • 06.  Adjustment in a setting of an eraser brush enables the drawing express of different texture.