2015-12-29. AM 03:41
  • This time, we will learn how to draw using Artrage by @kstar

    Hello, I’m kstar.

    These days, many peoples are curious about Galaxy Note 5.
    So, this time, we will use Note 5 for drawing.

    The first thing you should do after getting a Note 5 is to go to Galaxy Gift.

    On the main screen widget, you will see two things – Galaxy Essentials and Galaxy Gifts.

    The Essentials provides the apps necessary for the Galaxy users.

    The Gifts, as its name indicates, are all about gifts from Samsung.

    There are two free drawing apps available for use for sketchers like us.

    You can download Auto Desk Sketchbook and ArtRage app for free.

    Of course, you should download them after payment on Google Play.
  • Sketch Book is something that a lot of people are already using since they were for free since the launch of Note 3.

    However, ArtRage is something that not a lot of people are aware since its Android version was available since Note 4 launch.

    If you are using either a Note 4 or Note 5, download ArtRage app right away.

    Once you go hesitate what to draw after downloading Art Rage,
    you will instantly see theme store at the bottom.

    Theme store is a theme service that changes Note 5.

    There are many pretty themes in it;
    I saw a picture of a rhino among the free themes,
    so I decided to draw it.

  • After downloading the picture, I launch the ArtRage app.

    When you open a new picture, you can set the canvas size, type and texture.

    In addition, you can set the canvas and background color.

    I think we may go on with cream color since we have to draw a rhino in the wild.
  • If you are done with the canvas setting, you should open the image.

    Press the reference button, the third from the right in the top menu, and import the image to open the picture in the gallery.

    With the reference function applied, you can just use it as a reference image without getting disturbed in coloring the canvas as it seems it’s just pinned down.

    Adjust the size smaller with your two fingers.

    Start sketching!
  • ArtRage offers various brushes.

    Since they are different in features, you can use the type of brush you want to draw your style drawing.

    I usually use “ink pen” when I do sketches.

    After selecting the brush, I can use the button on the top left to do a detailed setting.

    But, actually you don’t need to set everything; there is a pre-set value.

    When you press on the second button, the preset will roll out so that you don’t have to set separately.

    It is easy to change the style.
  • You can see that the image below is different compared to Round and Smooth,


    I’m not trying to express everything.
    I usually use Thick and Thin when I do sketches.

    I think that the horizontal lines should be shallow and vertical lines should be thick to make it look as if it’s in calligraphy.

    Now, you just need to start sketching.
    You just sketch as whatever you want.
  • When you are completed with the sketching,
    you need to paint the colors.

    Then you should add on another layer.
    I told you in the last lecture, but the layer is a transparent paper.

    You need to prolong the arrow on the left of the newly added layer to move it downside.

    Then you will see the sketch even if you color the later in the bottom.

    This is the only feature possible through digital not in the oil painting.
  • You then choose oil brush for coloring.

    The oil brush also has preset value.
    You don’t have to set everything but draw in normal round.

    You can change the colors, and they will properly mix and draw smoothly.
  • When you want to change the brush size, you just need to use the third button on top.

    If you click on the button with numbers, you will see a window that enables you to change the tool size so that you can set the brush small or big.

    But, you will get annoyed since you need to insert in the numbers while you are drawing.

    Here is a good tip!

    Don’t click on the button once.
    Just click on the button and hold.

    If you move from left to right and right to left, the brush size will change.

    It’s a small difference but huge convenience.
    Other than this, you can drag the three fingers up and down.

    But, since I just hold up S pen when drawing on the Galaxy Note,

    this is more convenience.
  • When you draw something more details, you just need to expand the size with the two fingers to paint.

    The canvas texture in the lower part where drawing is finished is fantastic enough.

    It looks as though it’s good enough.

    Draw in a leaf, although there is nothing like a leaf in the original version.

    And then add in one more layer to paint the background.

    I draw several times with the oil painting which I like, but I feel I got bored already.
  • You should never feel bored when you are drawing because the reason for drawing is to get a healing.

    Select the roller brush and paint it without hesitation.

    This is a peculiar roller brush that would not be seen in the actual oil painting.
  • I hope the nose gets shiny.
    The glitter brush would sprinkle grains.

    I lowered the transparency of the layer since it shouldn’t be too bright.

    The transparency level of a layer can be adjusted by moving up and down while holding to the button.

    You can see that the grains became a little bit more transparent, right?
  • Here it is.
  • When you are done, you should upload it on the PEN.UP. site.

    I bet you will become more skillful when you upload your drawing and look what others have drawn.

    The ArtRage has a function where you can upload the drawing right away to the PEN.Up site.

    Share it simply.
  • Lastly, it’s the picture of Note 5.
  • I have explained how to use ArtRage.

    While the Infinite Painter app, which was used in the previous posting, gives more solemn feeling oil-painting look,

    this ArtRage is the kind of drawing app that gives more shiny and blazing oil-painting feeling.

    Whatever the app is, you just need to pick and enjoy.

    Have fun drawing!