2015-12-24. AM 01:52
    In this blog I am going to share some very basic tips on painting with a simple process using a foreground and a background.

    I am using drawing app Artecture in Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

    Throughout this painting I will be using three tools mainly – Pen, Brush & Spray Tool.

    1. First, with the Pen Tool an outline or rough sketch of the painting can be drawn so that we have a proper idea of what we are going to paint.

    In this case I used a photo reference of a bird to follow and create an outline.
  • The line art needs not be very clean or accurate as it is going to disappear as we proceed with the painting.

    2. Now add another layer and make sure it stays under the outline layer.

    Then choose a vibrant color to fill inside the outline so that it stands out when the background will be added.

    The Spray Tool can be used as it provides a softer and smooth flow of color similar to an airbrush.

  • 3. Before adding the background, add some shadows with the same tool using smaller size and reduced blur value so that it creates a bit of depth and define the shapes.

  • Now it’s time to add the background.

    4. Create another layer and drag it to the very bottom so that everything stays above it.

    Use Spray Tool with a lighter color to paint the background.
  • I used light green and white with 100% blur value so that it remains out of focus and the bird stands out.

    5. Now you can go back to the outline layer and erase away the outer edges with Soft Eraser Tool.
  • At this stage, the overall painting is almost established.
    Now it’s time for details.

    6. Create a New Layer at the very top.

    Use the Brush Tool with Color Picker to blend the colors all together and use Pen Tool to sharpen the edges.

    Keep furnishing until you are satisfied with the details.

  • Finished Painting