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    Hello, PEN.ple's!
    The drawing tip we are about to introduce to you today has been provided by @Papu

    @Papu will tell us how to draw “Pop Art” in an easier and more interesting manner.

    Don’t think it would be difficult.
    Just try to understand each tip and follow along.

    Then, let’s start!

    Hello, I’m Papu. :)

    Today’s drawing tip is a [simple POP-ART drawing]
    I will start off using Sketchbook pro, an app that I use all the time.
  • 1. First, open the picture that you will use for the pop art.
    Select “open” from the layer on the top left.

  • 2. Then, select the directory where the picture is located in and open it.

  • 3. Edit the picture in the area and direction that you feel comfortable with.

    Here, I enlarged the photo and rotated it in the vertical line.

  • 4. To get the outline of the picture, I lowered the transparency level and added a layer.

  • 5. Draw along with the cat’s outline.
    Be careful not to get the line cut, if the line gets cut, the background will also be colored when you color the parts.

    The lines are bumpy because they show the hair texture of the cat.

  • 6. When you are done with the outline, outline the darker parts or line patterns with the same color; don’t get the line cut.

  • 7. Fill in the inner parts with the same color with the lines.
    Then you will have some parts that do not get filled.

    Get these parts finished with a pen, or pencil through line work or with brushes.

  • 8. As said before, follow the above drawing for the shades in the parts of the cat or the lines that stand out.

    For a cat, I have put in shadows and lights similar to the hair in order to show the texture.

  • 9. Well, we are almost done.

  • 10. Next, we should color the cats.
    As I’ve mentioned, if the lines get disconnected, the background will be colored too when you color the inner parts.

  • 11. For this, you could draw the feet or draw the background.
    You could even draw the outline like a frame. I drew in the frame.

    When you draw the whole feet or the background, omit this part.
    Just move on to the next coloring step.
    Be advised not to get the lines disconnected.

  • 12. When you draw in the frames, you will see that there are parts that are not touched with each other.

    (you may not as well.)

    For those parts, do connect them through a frame with a brush or outline it.

  • 13. When you see that there are no parts that are disconnected, you need to converge the two layers.

    You will omit these parts when you draw the feet or background.

    When you see this layer, you will see that the cat drawing and frame are separated.

    Then, when you fill in the color, you will have the color filled all over to the background.
    The part you need to pay attention is that the layers are converged from upside down.

    So, you need to keep this in mind when you converge it.

  • 14. When you are done with the converging, you need to add a layer in advance to trim the cat drawing after coloring it.

    Also, put the transparency level of the line to 100%.

  • 15. Use the dropper from the left menu to get the color you want.

    Then, use the paint (filling tool) to color the cat with the color you want.

  • 16. Then, remove the cat drawing which you have filled in with the color and have outlined the lines.

    When you remove it, there will be parts that are not colored.

    Use the added layer to brush it out.
    It’s okay if it does not get even.

  • 17. It’s time to color the eyes. Add in one more layer.

    Three to four colors will be used for the eye gradation.
    It’s your call.

    You can color it with one single color, or color it exactly the same with the cat eyes, or leave it alone.

    You can even color it in gradation.
    I will use gradation.

  • 18. To improve efficiency, I will select one color line for lights and shadows.

    There will be four colors in the palette; a dropper will be used since it can be erased later on.

  • 19. As the eyes go upward, there are eyelid that makes the eyes go darker.
    Keep this in mind when drawing.

    It will look smoother if you draw it with the transparency level lowered.

    When you see an object, the parts that have lights on are usually bright.
    You call that part in the eye a highlight.

    Color it with white.

  • 20. Lastly, to draw the beard of the cat, you need to make the picture visible.

    (You should not delete the picture. The outline picture should stay.)

    Lower the transparency level of the cat drawing layer and draw in beard.

    Don't panic even if it looks too blurry!

  • 21. Increase the transparency level again and delete the picture.

  • 22. Put your signature that identifies yourself.

  • Thanks for your attention even though I am not that skilled.

    Your interest and comments are always welcomed and they cheer me in a way.

    Thank you!