2015-10-29. AM 05:38

    This tip was provided by @ODENG.

    When you look at her profile, there are many characters that look like the main cartoon characters. Follow along her drawing tips which are easy to learn.

    Hello, I’m @ODENG.
    I am using Galaxy Note 2, and the drawing app I use is Autodesk SketchBook.

    1. Outline the drawing with the ball pen tool.
    Draw accurate lines with 4B pencil tool.

  • 2. After the line drawing is over, use the paint tool (fill) in the menu on top to fill the background color on the neck and face.

    I used black for hair and eyes and white for clothes.

  • 3. Put in light and shade with the air brush tool.

    Then, use the brush tool to sophisticatedly align the light and shade.

  • 4. With the airbrush tool, draw a reflection light on the left cheek.

  • 5. Use the brush tool to color the white part of the eyes and inside the mouth.
    Then use the air brush tool to give a small light and shade on the eyes and mouth part.

  • 6. Put in the background.
    (The blue colored sky is the background layer, I used air brush to give difference in colors)

    Use the air brush to draw the clouds.

  • 7. Give lights and shades on the clothes using the marker tool.

  • 8. Set the layer setting as screen mode, and then use the airbrush to express the sunlight.

    Then, use the 4B pencil tool to express the hair reflected by the sunlight.
    (When you press on the layer one more time from the layer window on the right for the layer setting, it would pop up on the left.)

  • 9. In the layer setting, set the layer as an “additional mode” to fill in the eye color with the air brush tool.


  • 10. For reference, I will use the PIXLR application to give a little effect on the picture.

    Aside from this application, there are many apps these days that can give image effects.
    It will be good to use the apps you prefer to give changes to the pictures.

    When you use PIXLR, the picture that has been stored in the sketchbook app will pop up automatically.

    I used “Horizon” in the overlay “effect tool” to give more lights.

  • 11. Compare the picture before and after the effect was applied.