2013-11-14. AM 06:25

Let's draw street art

  • ■ What is street art?
  • Street art starts from artists' mind of 'make the street through our brush" Street art attracted people much easier than gallery or art museum. It spreads to worldwide quickly and became one culture.

    Here is new way to enjoy street art lawfully! PEN.UP will help you be a worldwide artist.
  • ■ Let's draw street art.
  • Step 1, Take a photograph of boring wall or meaningless daily scene for drawing
    Have you ever seen destroyed sculpture, collapsible wall or ruined place or stuff in a daily life? Catch the moment with your phone and make the moment hum with drawing from your imagination.
  • Step 2, , With S Pen, Express your emotions on a photo.
    Think about various ideas of animating the scene. Are you ready?
    Draw your emotions and express your imagination!

    It is better to zoom the image you draw when you want detailed drawing.
    Sometimes simple cartoon drawing goes well with street art, rather than a realistic description.
  • Step 3, Sharing your artwork on PEN.UP!
    Share your fancy work and emotion with worldwide friends through PEN.UP.

    It is easy!, isn't it? Everyone can do it! Just express your world and ideas on the screen!
    You can be a worldwide street artist with PEN.UP.