2015-10-01. AM 01:13
  • 'Cellphone' has become an essential part of your life. With that, what almost everyone has to have is a 'cellphone case'

    So this challenge is
    going to be an opportunity to make a unique cellphone case only for yourself.
    Selected ten participants will receive the cellphone case with the picture inscribed.

    There is no particular theme.
    You can participate in the challenge with any pictures or any inscriptions you want.
    A unique cellphone case with your inscription on it would make a wonderful present.
  • We hope you will give more efforts for this challenge.
    Note the instructions below, and upload only the pictures meeting the restrictions.

    * Instructions for October's Challenge *

    - Theme is anything you want
    - Images should be vector type for inscription
    - Simple line sketches would be better than complex drawings
    - Do not use Air Brush.

    If you want to make your inscription on cellphone case clearer,
    clean and clear line sketches are better than pictures based on shades and highlights.
  • If you want to use brush effect, you can use Pensoul app which has vector type brush.
    We are sure that you can create high quality line sketches.

    The number of the final winners for this challenge is 10 PEN.ple
    So don't miss this opportunity to make the only cellphone case.

    * If the uploaded works don't follow the instructions for the challenge,
    they will be excluded from the menu after PEN.UP has checked them.

    Let's pay some efforts to make our drawing life better.

    Let’s draw for Galaxy Accessories !!