2015-09-23. AM 02:48
  • The 27th of September is the second anniversary of PEN.UP.
    Yes, two years have already passed.

    All kinds of PEN.UP DAYs, exhibitions at the end of the year, drawing lectures, Challenges, HOF...

    Behind all these events were those who love drawing, enjoy PEN.UP, and communicate with each other through pictures.
    The feelings of those moments we laughed and cried still seem vivid.

    At first one or two pictures started to gather, and then now countless pictures reside in PEN.UP.
    And we will have much more pictures which will make us happy and pleasant.

    All these are thanks to all of you.
    The number of members has already reached 1.5 million and continue to be bigger every day, which makes us not lose our first resolution and encourage us to put more efforts.

    Let's celebrate our second anniversary with "Festival Drawing."

  • About Festival Drawing in celebration of PEN.UP's second anniversary, refer to the following notes.

  • ■ Period : 23. Sep (Wed) ~ 7.Oct (Wed), 2015
    ■ Theme : Congratulatory message for PEN.UP's anniversary
    ■ How to Participate : Upload a picture which contains PEN.UP logo or the name.
    Be sure to include the PEN.UP logo in your congratulatory message.

    ■ Mandatory tag: #penup2015
    ■ Results notice : 13. Oct (Wed)

    * It is not allowed to just include tags in some old works.
    You should create new works for the event.

    The selected 5 winners in the event will send presents printed with your artworks.

    And the best artworks will be included in the special video to celebrate the second anniversary of PEN.UP.

    The Galaxy Note 5 Speed drawing #3 will be soon released to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of PEN.UP.

    We hope as many of you as possible will participate in the event.
    We look forward to many wonderful works.

    “Let’s draw Celebration drawing!”