2015-09-11. AM 01:27
  • Here are the main features of PEN.UP update 1.9.0.

    A new feature is "Multi-posting."
    When you upload your work to PEN.UP,
    you can select multiple works and upload all of them as a group using this feature.

    Before this, up to 9 works can be uploaded at a time,
    but each work was uploaded separately.

    Now, you can select up to 5 works and have two options of "Single" and "Multiple" to upload your work as you want.

    Let's try it with some pictures.
    First, don't forget to download the update on your PEN.UP if you haven't.
  • Once the update 1.9.0 has been completed, let's upload my works.
  • Once you have selected up to 5 works,
    you can see a screen just like the one on the left.

    Take multiple works and then "Show in one artwork"button appears.
    Default setting is to merge works into one work.
    If you want to upload them separately, just press the button.
  • Behold! This is the way you can upload.

    The work just uploaded contains 5 different works.
    You can easily identify those works uploaded using Multi-posting because they are indicated with small icons on the top right corner of the list.

    Using this feature, you can do 4 or 5 frame comic strips, or make a sequence of pictures with a story.

    It would be funny to view a series of different parts separately done to make one work.

    We look forward to seeing your various ideas.

    Additionally, along with the update 1.9.0, the service support system has been enhanced.
    At [Help] you can see FAQ and Contact us at the bottom.
    This is to respond to your queries through Samsung CS team,
    so just keep in mind for the future.

    PEN.UP always struggles to research and think of more convenient and more interesting services for those who love and enjoy drawing.

    And the 2nd anniversary of PEN.UP is around the corner.
    Using this Multi-posting, we are going to celebrate the anniversary.
    We will post a notice about that soon.
  • We promise that we are better day by day.
    And we hope your love for PEN.UP will never change.