2015-09-09. AM 02:36
  • Hi, PEN.ples!

    In this challenge as well, many Penple participated and uploaded many pictures in support of the Semicolon Project.

    The theme of this challenge was thinking about the objectives of the Semicolon Project which has been initiated to give 'hope' and ' love' to the people who suffer for various reasons.

    It would be precious that the people who are going to give up or

    have lost their hope could get any encouragement thorough our pictures.

    The winners of August challenge were supposed to receive,

    as a prize, t-shirts made in collaboration with the Semicolon Project.

    The winners are three in total. Check the pictures below!

  • 1. @DanielRosa _The storms in your life ; Shall pass

    It shows a vast and blue sea seen from inside a dark cave, and the sign of the semicolon is inscribed on it.

    It seems to suggest a hopeful message that through this current darkness you can have a wide vision of the world. It is really impressive.

    The world has much more, even endless, to see, feel, and experience than we think.

    So you should continue your journey without losing your hope or giving up.
    It stands out among others maybe because it is a new style by @DanielRosa, who often creates aliens against dark backgrounds.
    We hope to see more pictures of her various styles.

  • 2. @yousif_ The story did not end ♡♡ my drawning ♡♡

    This much loved-picture seems to be one of the posters for the Semicolon Project. It quite fits the theme.
    The clear sign of semicolon seems to imply his promise made to himself.

    Although any advice would be helpful during hard times,the most important thing not to give up and to be encouraged will be promise made to the self.

    The reward and satisfaction from doing the best would be incredible.

  • 3. @Grace.Jeong_Hope will lead you

    The bright new world will be revealed after passing the endless steps of the darkness. And we cannot help shouting to the person who has just passed all the steps, "Thank you!"
    There is the word 'HOPE' above the semicolon sign.

    Thomas Edison left a maxim.

    Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. - Thomas A. Edison

    This picture successfully delivers the artist’s message of hope for all the people who are having hard times right now.

  • So we have just introduced the three winners' pictures for the August challenge.
    Besides these, there are many excellent pictures. Just check 'History of Challenge' on the menu.

  • We hope that all of you who have participated in the challenge will not lose passion for painting and remember that there are some people who are encouraged by your paintings.

    The winners of the challenge will be sent gifts.

    Send us [your ID and e-mail address] to the e-mail address below.

    Don't ever give up! Never!! -Winston Churchill-

    Hope that we continue our journey toward our goals without giving up. Keep it up, everybody!