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[Review] Challenge of March (1)

For our first challenge this March,
we asked you to create something
about ‘School,’
which serve as the foundation of
our education system.

First, we will introduce the winners
of this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.

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the 1st challenge of March

And indeed, we got to see a variety
of different schools this month.

We could see landscapes with
schools, buildings, and classrooms
from all over the world, and your
imagination helped us have a fun
time reminiscing about stories and
memories from our own school days.

Thank you to everyone
who participated in the challenge
with great artwork.

Then, shall we meet the winners
of the challenge?

Morning. Fog. School. / @AnnA
School house / @Bobbi_Crane

This tree seems to have reached
the end of its life but fortunately,
it’s turned into a school.
The tree trunk is now a pillar, and
there are hallways and classrooms
built in and around the tree.
The school, surrounded by a thick
layer of morning fog, looks almost
like a tree in full bloom.
The way the lights guide students to
school, combined with the beautiful
scenery, must feel mesmerizing for
the students who come to school here.
This artwork is by @AnnA.

Next to that, we see an old school
in a beautiful forest.
The roof has paint peeling off
of it, and the walls appear ravaged
from years of being exposed
to the elements.
But the sign out front looks new and
the path leading up to the school
looks clean without any overgrown
weeds covering it.
That means the school likely has
students coming and going regularly.
This artwork is by @Bobbi_Crane.

Off to School / @Dr.Gazi
School and the promise of spring
/ @lovely85

Moving on to our third entry,
we see a little boy and a woman
walking happily along a flower-laden
Looking at the sign, it appears
they’re on their way to school.
The rainbow-colored road and
glittering scenery could be a
depiction of the boy’s excitement
on his way to school with his mom
for the very first time.
This artwork is by @Dr.Gazi.

Next to that, we have a girl in a
school uniform resting her chin and
looking out the window full of
Her book still seems new and
the season is clearly spring,
which means a new semester must have
just begun.
She might be waiting for a friend
who she promised to meet again at
school when spring comes around.
This artwork is by @lovely85.

I wanna go back home :( / @Anam
살려주세요 선생님 / @BALSAMICYAN

Now, looking at all the bits and
bobs on the desk, as well as all
the students sitting at the front,
it appears we’re in the middle of
a class.
But, the little student here has
drawn a couple of sad faces with
“I want to go home” written in his
Perhaps this particular class isn’t
his favorite.
This artwork is by @Anam.

And then, we have a little boy
actually lying face down on
his desk.
If you look at the pencil and eraser
placed on one side, it looks like
he's sneaking a nap during class.
But then, you see the teacher
standing right behind him.
Also, the title gives you
a good idea of what the teacher’s
face must look like right now.
This artwork is by @BALSAMICYAN.

(Untitled) / @shele1

Inside the cave, a man is holding up
a torch to light up the wall.
He’s pointing at an animal in the
mural with a stick, which could mean
he is teaching young children
how to hunt.
If there were schools in prehistoric
times, they may have looked
just like this.
This artwork is by @shele1.

Teach the children save the world
/ @Blackmonday

Moving on!
Here, we have a teacher
wearing glasses explaining something
from a book, and the child is
carefully listening to the teacher.
Various characters are floating
around in the foreground,
which could mean that the teacher is
using them to make the book easier
for her student to understand.
The importance of schooling and
education seems to be captured well
in this piece.
This artwork is by @Blackmonday.

before the test.. / @Jack

We have a student sleeping
and using a book as his pillow.
He must have been really tired.
He just took off his glasses
and even covered his face with
a book to block out the light.
Looking at the books piled up
around him and the blackboard
scribbled with formulas,
the student could be cramming for
an upcoming exam.
It’s an unfortunate but funny scene
all of us might have come across at
one point or another at school
before exams.
This artwork is by @Jack.

when he was in school / @7ucke_.

In our last picture,
it seems spring has arrived and
the trees are full of pink flowers.
With a backpack slung around his
shoulders, this cool-looking guy
looks like he’s on his way to school.
But he’s giving someone a side-eye.
I guess he’s waiting for a friend
who’s overslept on his first day
at school.
This artwork is by @7ucke_.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 2nd challenge of March,
‘Let’s draw Wolf’
is on going.

We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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