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[Review] Challenge of February (2)

‘Money,’ a medium of transaction
between people, was the second
challenge theme for February.

During this challenge,
we looked at artworks centered
around money.

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please check the link below.

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the 2nd challenge of February

We even had the opportunity to
observe real currency featuring
various images, ranging from people
to buildings.

It was an interesting challenge
that allowed us to come up with
new inspiration while appreciating
the changes in the appearance and
imagination of money as technology

Thank you to everyone
who participated in the challenge
with great artwork.

Then, shall we meet the winners
of the challenge?

The Origin- Coin to paper money
conversion / @AT1
moneyyyy cashier!!!! :D change!!!!
caaaash ye / @Vorobushek

A mysterious woman appeared
from the banknotes surrounded by
numerous coins.
See her appearing like smoke on
very old banknotes!
It looks like she is inhabiting
the money.
Perhaps she is a spirit who bestows
wealth on whoever owns this money?
This artwork is by @AT1.

She is handing change to the hand
holding the bill.
Candies, candles, fruits,
and vegetables... We guess that
place is a local market selling
Seeing all that money in the cash
register, it appears many customers
visited today.
This artwork is by @Vorobushek.

A happy man when he received a salary
/ @IceLady
Money can't buy everything
/ @Aniela.2m.

A hand holding money and a coin are
depicted alongside a white flower.
As written below, the money in
that hand is a salary.
Lilies are said to symbolize
happiness through their language of
flowers, it seems to convey the joy
of the day we receive our paycheck.
This artwork is by @IceLady.

A reaper, donning a hood and holding
a scythe, escorts the deceased to
the underworld.
The deceased attempt to evade
their fate by holding out both hands
full of money.
But, the reaper heartlessly
disregards them.
Even money can not prevent their
This artwork is by @Aniela.2m.

Saving.. Shopping.. Balance..
/ @Orenjineko
basque country money / @xabat

The cat is holding bags full of
items in both paws.
Observing the cat's delighted
expression and the piggy bank nearby,
it appears that the cat went on
a lot of shopping with hard-earned
Wondering what purchases brought
such joy to the cat.
This artwork is by @Orenjineko.

This banknote features various
Its illustration captures a city
where past and present are
intertwined, showing modern locations
with intricately connected buildings
and ancient palaces steeped
in history.
It makes want to visit and admire
the places on the bills in person.
This artwork is by @xabat.

(Untitled) / @Loris
Penup: The currency of imagination
/ @Marco_Reyes

The necklace has a pendant with
a Pegasus relief.
Unlike the new chain, the pendant
appears to have been worn for
a long time and shines with wear.
History has it that there existed
a Pegasus coin in ancient Greece.
This pendant may have been made from
old coins from that era.
This artwork is by @Loris.

We can see a variety of images
in this banknote.
Various subjects are beautifully
depicted, from a woman's face to
a tiger with sharp eyes and flowers.
In the bottom left corner,
‘PENUP’ is listed as the issuer of
the banknote.
Maybe the artist was imagining
banknotes created by PENUP.
This artwork is by @Marco_Reyes.

쉬잇 give me the money / @Hejji

A girl who needs money is reaching
for a piggy bank placed high up.
The piggy bank looks nervous
and sweaty, fearing the scissors.
Don't worry, little piggy bank.
Since the yellow pig nose looks like
a lid, it seems unlikely that what
the piggy bank fears will happen.
This artwork is by @Hejji.

Money and memories / @ROSARINI

The man has come here in search of
the building on the banknote.
The white building, mirroring
the image on the banknote, glimmers
with golden decorations, while the
surrounding area is illuminated with
colorful lights.
Both hands are holding banknotes
spread out, as if comparing
a building and a banknote.
Maybe he was surprised to find it
even more beautiful than he had
imagined from the picture.
This artwork is by @ROSARINI.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 1st challenge of March,
‘Let’s draw School’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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