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[HOF] March 2024 @juntakun

Comics and cartoons,
which are drawn in pen,
are beloved by countless people
around the world.

Initially confined to newspapers for
political or social satire, cartoons
later evolved into books, giving
rise to a variety of topics and
genres, thereby gaining popularity.

Today, with the spread of
the Internet and smartphones,
cartoons and comics are easy to
access, and thanks to social media,
cartoons are being shared with
numerous readers, which is why we're
seeing more cartoons designed to
satisfy a broader audience
with different tastes and cultures.

To induct into our Hall of Fame in
March, we chose @juntakun,
an artist who builds wonderful
fantasy worlds filled with
characters created using
pen and color.

Artist draws beautiful characters
with unique lines and colors.

Using lines to carefully create
the different facial expressions and
actions of characters, imagination
is translated beautifully onto
the canvas.

By adding various colors to
each character, @juntakun creates
a distinct atmosphere and showcases
them in a variety of ways.

At the same time, the artist adds
a number of interesting cartoon
characters to their feed, stoking
people’s curiosity about where
the character could be and
the stories they might be hiding.

Sometimes, the artist remixes a
single sketch in multiple ways to
catch people’s attention from
a fresh new perspective, and by
showing the way the character
changes, the artist invites people
to imagine new stories,
which makes viewing their work
even more interesting.

Check out @juntakun’s feed now
and meet the characters, each
full of personality.

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Also, please check out our upcoming
interview with @juntakun.

Thank you.

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