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[Review] Challenge of February (1)

For our first challenge in February,
we asked you to draw or paint
something about ‘Cow’,
an animal that’s lived with us humans
for a very long time.

First, we will introduce the winners
of this challenge through a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.

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the 1st challenge of February

A lot of people submitted their works
on cows for this month’s challenge,

and it was great to see
different cows and their surrounding
scenery from all over the world.
Some cows even looked like mythical
creatures reimagined by
our PENUP users.
We really had a lot of fun seeing
all sorts of cows.

Thank you to everyone
who participated in the challenge
with great artwork.

Then, shall we meet the winners
of the challenge?

Jump / @gus
the First Day of Life / @HTH

First, we have a cow wearing a
space suit jumping onto the ground.
Judging by the spotted flag in its
hoof and what seems like Earth
in the distance, it looks like
this cow is taking one giant step
for bovine on the moon.
If you could go to the moon,
like this cow, wouldn’t you be
smiling ear-to-ear?
This artwork is by @gus.

Next, there’s a mother cow licking
her newborn calf.
The calf is looking around with its
big eyes as if everything around it
is so fascinating.
Apparently, mother cows lick their
newborn calves to pass on beneficial
This piece showing us the first day
of a new life being born
was from @HTH.

clang / @Anastelfy
♡ Chibi Moomoo ♡ / @Lulu_Lunaria

Moving on, we have a cow with a bell
around its neck emerging from
the forest.
Its shiny coat sparkles in the
sunlight and its beautiful horns,
along with the bell on its neck,
give off a mysterious vibe.
Perhaps it's a sacred cow from some
myth or legend.
This artwork is by @Anastelfy.

The calf here is going
somewhere in a hurry while drinking
strawberry milk.
Given the warm and fuzzy background,
cute pink clothes, and her bag,
which looks like a milk carton,
this little calf must be going on
a picnic.
Her tail with a pink ribbon
fluttering in the air shows just
how excited she is for her little
This artwork is by @Lulu_Lunaria.

cows happy day / @KateSok
Friends of the Field ☆♡☆♡ / @LisaBme

Next, we have the warm sun shining
on a green field.
The cow here looks like it's
foraging around for food
and smelling the grass.
The fact that the field is full of
grass it can eat could be more
appealing to the cow than
the beautiful scenery.
This artwork is by @KateSok.

Right next to that, we have another
cow standing in a field full of
yellow flowers.
And there’s a bird sitting on
the cow's long horn.
It must have been looking for
a place to rest and the cow’s head
was in the right place at
just the right time.
Or maybe the bird could have
mistaken the cow’s long fur to be
a bird next up in a tree.
This artwork is by @LisaBme!

A Special Bond / @OnyxLulu

In our next painting,
we have a woman wearing a hat
and stroking the back of a cow.
At her gentle touch, the cow
looks like it wants to take
a step closer.
Maybe she met the cow by chance
as she was walking around, and
just happened to share this
special moment with the cow.
This artwork is by @OnyxLulu.

(Untitled) / @salt

Next, there’s a cute little cow
sticking its head above the fence
and eating some vines.
The way it stuck its tongue out to
eat the grass appears to have scared
the little bird away.
But the cow isn’t bothered at all.
All it wants is to eat the grass.
This artwork is by @salt.

Who was? / @Animometrajes

Here, we have a man reading a book
getting angry with a cow.
The cow sitting next to him looks
as if she’s chewing the paper
and really savoring its taste.
The paper the cow is eating must be
from the book the man was reading.
This funny scene is from

On Wheels / @Spaghetti

A white ox and a man are walking
down the road at dusk.
The ox-drawn cart is loaded up with
all sorts of things, and you can see
a mother taking care of her baby.
Oxen are invaluable means of
transportation, and the way it
carries everything here must be
so precious for this family.
This artwork is by @Spaghetti.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 2nd challenge of February,
‘Let’s draw Money’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team