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[Interview] HOF February 2024 @AlwaysClassic

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Austrian painter Egon Schiele
is a representative figure of

Diversity and uniqueness were
expressed by outlining the picture
in a manner that conveyed rough
and intense emotions, employing
a distinctive coloring method.

In addition to portraits,
he incorporated various materials
into his unique mode of expression.
These works encapsulate the emotions
he aimed to reveal and are cherished
by many people to this day.

Artist @AlwaysClassic,
who was selected for the Hall of Fame
in February, also expresses
various characters
with a distinctive feeling.

@AlwaysClassic’s works are filled
with captivating characters.

From sketches depicting
the characters to various colors,
the characters in the work reveal
their individual personalities
and pique your curiosity
about their stories.

@AlwaysClassic expresses
unique expressions and inspiration
through a variety of subjects,
including landscapes.

We can't wait to ask @AlwaysClassic
about artworks through an interview.

Now, let’s begin the interview
with the artist.

Hello! @AlwaysClassic.
This is the operations team
from PENUP.
First of all, congratulations on
being selected for the Hall of Fame
in February 2024.
Please briefly introduce yourself
and tell us your thoughts on

A1. @AlwaysClassic
Hello PENUP and all my art-loving

I'm from Turkey, I'm a lawyer.
I have interests such as drawing,
making 3D figures from felt,
carving wood, I have also tried
sculpture and I want to improve
myself in this field.

I am happy to be selected for Hof,
it is a nice feeling to be

I have a 14-year-old daughter
who is as happy as I am to be
selected for February HOF,
she also draws and this is something
that makes me very happy.

Since posting the first work
in November 2022, you have been
uploading works consistently.

We are curious how you found out
about PENUP and how you came to
upload your work.

A2. @AlwaysClassic
I have been a Samsung phone user
for many years, but I became aware of
PENUP through a friend of mine.
He told me that I could upload
the pictures I drew.

You have been drawing a variety of
works featuring subjects such as
people and landscapes.
Can you introduce the devices and
apps you use to create these works?

A3. @AlwaysClassic
I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra
and a Samsung S7 FE tablet.

I've been using Art Rage for
a long time, I think since 2008.

I also often use Tayasui Sketches
in digital drawings.

Actually, there is no drawing program
that I do not use, but I prefer
simplicity, I have never liked
complex programs.

We are impressed by the diverse
and unique expressions,
from sketching to coloring.

What prompted you to start drawing?

A4. @AlwaysClassic
I remember creating a world
for myself under the dining table
when I was little.

Even though I couldn't read or write,
I would take my father's comic books
and look at the comic book pictures
under table.

And this process led me to
painting the walls :)
and that's how it all started.

It was impressive to see characters
who seemed to lead diverse lives.

What kind of characters
do you include in your work?
And which of the characters
you included is memorable?

A5. @AlwaysClassic
I don't remember having difficulty
choosing a character.

I have a very good memory for names
and faces.
I draw the name and face of a person
I just met in my head.

I know I'm a good observer.
Because of my job,
courthouses are like a treasure chest
full of faces for me.
There are criminals, innocents,
fake faces prepared for their role.

The portrait of the girl
who entrusted me with her cat
is important to me.
The cat ran away by jumping from
the balcony and our friendship ended.

The figures in your artworks
not only displayed various facial
expressions but also featured colors
that seemed to explain the situation
and emotions.

When drawing people,
are there specific facial expressions
or aspects that you pay special
attention to?
Additionally, what is your favorite
facial expression to draw?

A6. @AlwaysClassic
When it comes to people,
I prefer to be realistic.

Drawing tirelessly until we find
the right expression takes us to
our goal.
So, I think the secret is in
transferring theory into practice.

I visualize the face and expression
that I will start drawing,
but most of the time there are
big differences between what is in
my mind and what is on the canvas.

In this case, I tell myself
"Go where your pen takes you".
Even eyes alone can express joy,
sadness and thought.

I like the lines that give the face
a lived-in feeling the most.
I think this also has something to do
with realism.

We also appreciated your landscape

Are these places real or imaginary?
What do you think is the charm of
landscape painting?

A7. @AlwaysClassic
Adding dreams to reality or giving
reality to dreams?
Both situations can lead us to
very pleasant images.
Drawing landscapes relaxes me,
I think one wants to be in
that landscape.

We were able to see various works of
animals as well as anthropomorphic
works of animals.

How did you come to draw this work?

A8. @AlwaysClassic
Initially, these two paintings were
conceived and drawn as humans,
but over time they turned into fox
and rabbit challenges.

So you, the PENUP team,
also have a share in this.

I love mythology and I thought maybe
I should try to draw it more often,
but it is a really difficult field
and knowledge is very important
for this drawing.

We were also able to enjoy works
with an abstract feel.

We are curious how you came to draw
this work.
Also, do you have any themes
you would like to draw in the future?
If so, could you tell us?

A9. @AlwaysClassic
Actually, I think my sleep is of
good quality.
It would be great if I could draw
my dreams.

These two pictures are the product
of my sleepless days.
Especially the first picture is
a complete chaos for me.

After a sleepless hours,
a sun rising in the chest.
I think I used unrest as a source.

Last question.
Please tell us if you have anything
you would like to improve or
the story you want to tell while
using PENUP

A10. @AlwaysClassic
The PENUP app has improved a lot
in the last year.
The new Pens and brushes are
exciting and I look forward
to each new update.

It is a blessing for me to follow
valuable illustrators and painters
on this social network and to
be able to communicate with them.

Thank you for your contribution
to art.

It was a great pleasure for me
to take part in the same article
with Egon Schiele, and I would also
like to thank you, the PENUP team,
for this.

How was the interview with

Egon Schiele studied various painting
techniques and created his own
portraits by incorporating them into
posture and facial expressions.

@AlwaysClassic was also constantly
drawing various characters and
creating their own world of artwork
with unique lines and colors.

For those of you reading this
article, why not observe various
people and draw pictures with
their characteristics?

It would be fun to express a person's
personality with lines and colors
and capture their own feelings.

We hope that everyone's artworks will
fill PENUP with unique creations.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team