2024-02-19. AM 02:16
Brush Settings Guide - Cartoon

Hello, PENPLEs!
We recently released an update for
the PENUP app (ver. 3.9.14),
which added some new drawing tools
and allowed you to change
the settings around from
the 'Brush settings'.

In line with this latest update,
PENUP has also released quick
instructions on how to set up
your brushes in different ways.

Now, to make it easier for you to
learn about each feature, we’ve also
created a cartoon about the brush
settings, and we’d like to take you
through each one.

First, let’s read the cartoon and
learn how to set up your brushes.

What did you think of our cartoon on brush settings?

Please note that this cartoon is
available on PENUP's Instagram feed
as well.

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Aside from the cartoon,
PENUP also shares other news on
its Instagram account.
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For details on how to set up each
brush, please read the earlier
notice with instructions about brush

Go to the brush settings notice.

PENUP always does its best
to deliver a joyous and happy
drawing experience for all users.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team