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[Review] Challenge of January (2)

The second challenge theme for
January was ‘Brush’,
which is what we use to write
and draw beautiful things.

First, we will introduce the winners
of this challenge through a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.

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the 2nd challenge of January

It was so nice to see people
sending in their works on brushes
through this challenge.

We were able to see what they wrote
and painted, as well as how brushes
are used in real life.
It was a delightful time to paint
colors on various inspirations
through the imagination of mixing
colors and using painting tools.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Today / @Andreia
Reminiscence - Memory of you / @AT1

With our first winning entry
of the month, we have a girl
swimming underwater.
The paint and brush strokes combine
together to paint a vivid picture of
how she’s bobbing up and down
the surface.
Perhaps the scene captures
- using a brush, of course -
what the artist felt like was
the most memorable moment of the day.
Thank you, @Andreia
for sharing your work with us.

Next to that, we have a painter
painting on a scroll of paper
unfurled and floating between
the lotus leaves.
What the painting means is unclear,
but it looks abstract.
Given the title, the painter could be
reminiscing about someone, and
expressing the desperate longing
with each brush stroke.
This one’s from @AT1.

챌린지 완성! / @bluerabbit
간질간질 ticklish pharaoh / @Hejji

Next, we see a terrace hanging over
the sparkling sea spreads, and a girl
stretches her hound out to catch
a paper airplane with a letter
written on it.
Here, the brush erases the opaque
parts of the scene to create
another color.
It feels as if a curtain
has been peeled back to unveil
a whole new world.
Congratulations, @bluerabbit!

Then, there’s this golden mask
buried in the ground, and it looks
like people are gathered together
to excavate it.
They appear to be carefully
removing the thick layer of sand
with several brushes.
It’s funny to think that
the soft brush strokes might be
tickling the pharaoh.
Thank you, @Hejji
for sending your work in.

Paint Splash / @R.S.Talbot
Brushes,Hands and Ranchu / @ROSARINI

The container holds brushes of
various sizes, and the water bottle
has a brush where the paint needs
to be washed off.
It seems like the painter just
used those brushes to paint
the beautiful landscape painting
sitting on the table.
The beautiful colors all around
the painting could be a product of
the brush inside the painter’s heart
longing for the warm spring.
Well done, @R.S.Talbot!

The man here is holding a goldfish.
The hand holding the brush dipped
in yellow paint seems like it’s
trying to paint the goldfish.
But the brush on the other hand
looks like it’s painting the hand
holding the brush.
So which hand is the real thing?
Thank you, @ROSARINI for
that interesting piece of painting.

yoooooo bruuush make up
pretty oooOOOOooOoOo / @Vorobushek
brushes in glass bottle / @xabat

Moving on, we have a woman
wearing a crown and jewels,
and putting on some makeup.
Two different hands are doing up
her eyes and cheeks with a brush,
so it looks like a pair of
makeup artists are giving her
a beautiful makeover.
We’re curious to see
the beautiful look that
the various brushes will produce
on the woman’s face, which is used
essentially as a canvas.
Thank you, @Vorobushek
for submitting your work!

Next, the jar has all sorts
of different brushes.
The brushes have different shapes
and sizes, and the bristles are
in different colors as well.
The brushes look like they’ve
been used for a long time
given all the paint splashes
here and there.
All of these brushes in the jar
could be a metaphor for all the agony
the painter feels as he decides on
what to paint next.
Great job, @xabat.

An artist student is resting
(from my academy) / @IceLady

Given the tools,
including the canvas, and the brushes
all over the place, this appears
to be an atelier at a school.
The student who's trying to sleep
on a makeshift bed made with chairs
could be the one who was painting up
until a moment ago.
But judging by the brushes scattered
around on the desk, it looks like
the painting is a work in progress.
Shout out to @IceLady for that one.

(Untitled) / @Marco.

The brushes here are creating
a variety of colors.
It feels like she’s picking up
these brushes herself to put makeup
on her own face.
Looking at the various brushes
around her, it appears to be
quite a unique painting with
a woman putting makeup on her face
with a brush.
That one was from @Marco.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 1st challenge of February,
‘Let’s draw Cow’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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