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[HOF] February 2024 @AlwaysClassic

Expressionism is a painting trend
that emphasizes subjective feelings,
emotions, and inner world.

It conveys strong emotions by
exaggerating and maximizing emotions,
and captures a unique perspective and
story by incorporating the artist's
subjective experience.

At the same time, the artist's
creativity is freely expressed,
leading to artistic liveliness and
an emotional connection with the

Artist @AlwaysClassic, selected
for the Hall of Fame in February,
is also creating unique and fresh
artworks by incorporating the diverse
personalities of people into the

@AlwaysClassic’s works are full of
beautiful expressions.

The various emotions and thoughts
felt by the characters are blended
into the delicate and bold lines that
depict their facial expressions,
allowing us to infer numerous stories
contained within.

Additionally, the colors applied
over various sketches add shading to
the character's appearance,
showcasing their lively demeanor and
making the situation feel more

In addition, the artist's diverse
perspectives and inspirations are
shown through works on various

By portraying objects,
@AlwaysClassic sensuously expresses
their essential parts and vividly
captures the beauty of nature through
landscapes featuring various colors
and movements.

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see beautifully expressive works
created with lines and colors.

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interview with @AlwaysClassic.

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