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[Review] Challenge of January (1)

‘Road’, which takes us to various
places, was the first challenge theme
of January.

First, we will introduce the winners
of this challenge through a video.

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the 1st challenge of January

Through this challenge,
We were able to see artworks
depicting roads.

We saw roads in various landscapes,
ranging from cities to the
It was an enjoyable experience,
as if we were strolling along a new
and unique road through works that
embodied our imaginations about

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Some paths hold memories :)
/ @krish29
> blue city < / @Sisili_i

A lot of flowers bloomed along the
path that led toward the blue sky.
The girls walking down the road
seemed to stop at the beautiful
Even after a long time has passed,
the scenery on the road they walked
together appears to remain vivid
in their memories.
This artwork is by @krish29.

The paths at dawn, before morning,
are quiet without people or lights.
A car running on the road looks like
it started the day earlier than
anyone else.
We wonder how it would feel to run
down a quiet street with no one else
This artwork is by @Sisili_i.

The Secret Road to a Lost Temple
/ @ArtisticJ0nes
A Narrow Road / @Donna

On the mountain,
huge stone statues and temples are
carved into the cliffs.
The abandoned stone road shows that
no one has visited it for a long
Seeing the man galloping away on his
horse, it seems like he has followed
a hidden road to reach the legendary
This artwork is by @ArtisticJ0nes.

The streets of a long neighborhood,
lined with houses, are filled with
their own unique scenery.
From the various trees and plants in
each house to the objects placed
in front of the door, even similar
buildings appear to have different
The scenery of the neighborhood
streets, where both familiar and
unfamiliar feelings coexist, seems
to be a pleasant memory for anyone.
This artwork is by @Donna.

Busy road / @Goldie
Way back Home / @Nasia

Despite the dark night,
the brightly lit roads are
bustling with cars and people.
Taxis is waiting in line for
passengers, and people on the streets
are also moving around busily.
It captures the road scenes of a city
that is lively both day and night.
This artwork is by @Goldie.

A woman is walking on a road crossing
a large field.
Judging by the title, this road
appears to be the one leading home.
The changing fields and houses in
the distance unfold under the setting
Maybe her face will be adorned with
smiles as she strolls through
the beautiful scenery.
This artwork is by @Nasia.

Moonlight Path / @Mannabell
beautiful evening walk / @yvema75

As night fell, a different kind of
beauty emerged on the deserted road.
While the moon and stars peek out
from above the clouds, the grass
along the path appears to shyly
burst into yellow buds.
If someone appears, the moon and
flowers seem likely to disappear at
any moment.
This artwork is by @Mannabell.

The sun is slowly setting behind the
With the soaring temperature, the
forest is enveloped in a light fog.
On a lengthy road, a person wearing
a hat and a dog are walking.
Perhaps they are stopping and
admiring the surroundings in the
beautiful afternoon scenery.
This artwork is by @yvema75.

Frost Land 서리땅 / @7ucke_.

Snow covers the entire world, and
only wooden fences remain on the
road in front of the village.
Snow fog blossomed on the distant
mountain ridge, and the melting snow
froze in the cold, forming sharp
The moon and stars, casting a halo
of light in the clear sky,
seem to guide the vanished road.
This artwork is by @7ucke_.

footpath / @AlwaysClassic

A path stretches across a wide field,
leading all the way to the mountains.
The long, narrow trail winds through
a forest full of trees, extending
to the cloud-covered peaks.
Those walking on the path seem to
leisurely enjoy the peaceful scenery,
savoring a slow-paced stroll.
This artwork is by @AlwaysClassic.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 2nd challenge of January,
‘Let’s draw Brush’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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