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[Review] Challenge of December (2)

‘Christmas’, where you can meet
Christmas trees and Santa Claus,
was the second challenge theme
for December.

First, we will introduce the winners
of this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.

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the 2nd challenge of December

Through this challenge,
we were able to appreciate various
aspects of Christmas.

It was an enjoyable time during
which we could see symbols of
Christmas, such as beautifully
decorated trees and Santa Claus,
and experience the joyful atmosphere
of Christmas through various
landscapes and imaginative works.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

New Year's carousel. The Red Square.
/ @IceLady
gifts? / @Animometrajes

The amusement park is full of
beautiful decorations for Christmas.
The amusement rides brightly light up
the dark night, and people are riding
the stopped merry-go-round.
It looks the snowy night view from
a slowly rotating carousel would be
a fun Christmas gift for those
who visit the amusement park.
This artwork is by @IceLady.

Two people are standing in front of
the door of a house full of
Christmas atmosphere.
Looking at his outfit and the gifts
in his hands, it looks like he is
ready to hand out gifts on behalf of
Santa Claus.
Observing at the two people's
meaningful smiles, we assume it's
time to hand out gifts to sleeping
This artwork is by @Animometrajes.

따뜻하게 해줄게 I will make you warm /
Santa. / @mckeijin

On a starry night, the child and dog
came looking for a snowman with a
It covered her with the clothes
she was wearing, but the child
seemed to be cold, so she hugged
the snowman tightly.
Looking at the surrounding scenery
with twinkling light bulbs, it seems
like they wanted to share some warmth
with the snowman standing alone on
This artwork is by @Hejji.

Santa Claus is looking somewhere.
Observing at the red hat and clothes,
the gloves on his hands, and
the objects he is carrying,
it appears like he is looking at
the clock and waiting for Christmas.
Judging by the red and green lights
falling from the sky, it seems like
the time has finally come for him
to shine.
This artwork is by @mckeijin.

Christmas Eve. / @-JelDa-
Forest princess / @BaYaNa

In the snowy village,
fireworks are lighting up the sky,
as if a Christmas Eve festival were
taking place.
The tree covered in white snow
in front of the village has no
lights or decorations, but it shines
beautifully like a Christmas tree
in the light created by the festival.
A beautiful village scene on a
Christmas Eve.
This artwork is by @-JelDa-.

She dressed up in a special way for
From the accessories on her ears and
neck, the decorations and messages
on her green hair, and the large
star shining at the end, it looks
like it was decorated like a
Christmas tree.
Looking at the smile on her face,
she seems very satisfied with her
This artwork is by @BaYaNa.

Oh Oh Oh!!! / @Abex
Christmas time / @klarka107

A sleigh pulled by reindeer is
flying above the trees.
Santa Claus, wearing a red hat,
appears to have started flying to
distribute gifts to children for
The full moon seems to brighten
the whole world, as if telling
children not to lose their way even
in the dark.
This artwork is by @Abex.

There is a Christmas tree in front
of the window.
The candles placed on the tree
decorated with beads create a warm
atmosphere, and the falling snow
creates a unique scenery.
It seems like all the quiet and
beautiful moments of Christmas are
captured in this scenery.
This artwork is by @klarka107.

Santa Surprise / @CM33

With her eyes and mouth wide open,
the girl looks amazed.
It looks like she was handed a gift
directly from the smiling Santa Claus
standing next to her.
Looking at the happy expression on
the girl's face, curiosity arises
about the gift she received.
This artwork is by @CM33.

christmas caroling cats / @Kalyndria

Two cats are singing by the window
where the street lights are visible.
Looking at the costume the cat is
wearing, it appears they are singing
exciting carols for Christmas.
White Christmas, with lots of white
snow falling, seems to be an even
more special day thanks to
the singing voices of cats.
This artwork is by @Kalyndria.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 1st challenge of January,
‘Let’s draw Road’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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