2015-09-01. AM 01:04
  • Hi, PEN.ples^^

    Looking back at the past challenges, all of you have exhibited outstanding pieces for each and every theme.
    The drawings have shown your creativity and originality.

    Attention, please! The challenge for September requires more thorough understanding.
    The challenge theme for September is “Let’s Draw Blue!”.

    This maybe simple, but it surely requires more creativity to display your originality.
    You will draw with only the “BLUE” color for this challenge.
  • We have found some of the “Blueish” drawings seen on PEN.UP.
    This makes you feel very cool just by looking at the drawing.
    It is somewhat dreamy and makes your heart beat.

    Since we can not select the definite color code for BLUE, refer to the sample images and standards for selection.
  • The left image in the above is a feature where it enables you to use all the colors of “copic” marker in in the sketchbook app.
    The right image is the blue color in ArtFlow color palette.

    Share your sketch with others so that others can do the blue coloring.

    If you look for blueish color, you can use the color picker feature embedded in each drawing app.
  • (Sketchbook for Galaxy – color picker)
  • (ArtFlow – color picker)
  • (Infinite Painter – color picker)
  • There is a color picker feature in all the drawing apps.
    They will be helpful if you want to reuse the blue color you used before or use the same blue color seen in the newly opened image.
    Use this color picker to draw easily and conveniently.

    Don’t just think about summer and sea for the blue color.
    Just try to use blueish colors in your drawings.

    We will select five excellent drawings for this challenge and offer Butouch brush-blue color for a gift.
  • * Standards for the drawings of the challenge
    - Users that have drawn with blueish colors like above
    - 90% of the colors used should be blue.

    * The drawings that do not use blue color for the main color theme can be excluded from the challenge menu.

    Sometimes, saving colors and technique to stick to the basics can be another attraction in drawing.
    If you put too much things in a drawing, the drawing will lose its natural direction.

    We will look forward to your cool BLUE Drawings for September.
    Let’s Draw Blue!!