2024-01-02. AM 03:43
[Notice] PENUP Update Ver 3.9.14

Greetings. PENPLE’s!

The PENUP Android app version
has been updated to 3.9.14.

Today, we would like to introduce
you to the changes
in version 3.9.14 of PENUP.

First, the updated version has 7 new
brushes to choose from.

We got plenty of feedback when we
updated our drawing tools, and a lot
of you wanted more brushes to choose

So, version 3.9.14 now comes with
7 new ones.

“Brush pen 2” has been added to the
calligraphy option, and the pencil
category now has a “Mechanical
pencil” brush.

In the marker category, you’ll see
the new “Permanent marker” and
“Pigment marker” brushes, and the
pen category has “Dip pen 2",
“Fine nib fountain pen 2” and
“Fine nib pen” as new brushes.

Try drawing pictures using our new
brushes, and change the settings
around from the brush settings menu!

PENUP also plans to add more brushes
going forward.

Second, the updated app supports
inversion in Selection mode.

Previously, you could select your
drawing tools to move, copy, and
resize things.

With version 3.9.14, you can invert
objects as well.

You can use the lasso to select
the area or object you’d like to
change or invert.

To invert the image, all you need
to do is drag a point of the
selection area in the desired

If you drag the point up and down,
left and right, or diagonally, the
image will flip in the direction
you move the point.

Using Selection mode,
try inverting different images.

Third, children accounts
in Europe got a new pop-up
asking for their parent’s consent.

Starting from version 3.9.14,
accounts registered under children
users in Europe will have a pop-up
appear asking for parental consent.

Please keep this in mind when you
let your children use PENUP.

PENUP will always work hard
to ensure a fun and happy
painting life for you.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team