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[HOF] January 2024 @Maria

Portraits contain a variety of

You can infer the origin or status
through appearance, and emotions or
situations through expressions and

The background landscapes and
objects in portraits also provide
information about the historical
context, environment, trends, and

Therefore, portrait paintings often
intertwine with the era they were
created in, creating stories that
can be interpreted differently by

In the January 2024 Hall of Fame,
@Maria, who captures the essence of
individuals and weaves diverse
stories, has been selected.

@Maria's works contain a variety of

The expressions on their faces
convey the emotions felt in the
landscape or situation they are
experiencing, allowing us to imagine
various situations.

The various elements of nature add
realism to the individual’s
appearance, and together with the
expressions on the face, create
various interpretations.

@Maria's perspectives and interests
are also shown through various works
such as flowers, objects, and

The lines and colors that depict
this contain a unique painting
style, allowing you to more clearly
feel the emotions and thoughts the
artist wants to convey through the

Stop by the Maria’s feed now
and check out beautiful artworks.

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Also, please check out our upcoming
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Thank you.

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