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[Challenge] 2023. December : Let's draw Christmas

As the end of the year,
the streets are beautifully
decorated, and Christmas carols are
heard everywhere.

Various decorations are hung
on walls, windows, and large trees,
and twinkling lights are hung on
trees lining the streets to add color
to the dark night streets.

Families, friends, and lovers
gather together to share gifts
prepared for each other
and enjoy delicious dishes.

Some children await white snow,
while others hang up large socks
in anticipation of the gifts
they want to receive.

The last challenge theme of this year
is 'Christmas', the day commemorating
the birth of Jesus.

Christmas tree / @hosio
the cold lights / @ucru

The Christmas tree, decorated with
stars, socks, bells, and wands,
is one of the symbols of Christmas.

Some claim it originated from
decorating trees at festivals
in ancient Egypt, while others argue
it began with hanging decorations
on laurel branches used at festivals
in Rome.

Additionally, it is said to have
started with the decoration of trees
in churches in medieval Germany,
having various origins, including
the story that Martin Luther create
it after observing a fir tree
illuminated by the moon.

Christmas Gifts / @OnyxLulu
A tiny Christmas tree from
a tiny helper -) / @Hasretgul

In Christmas, we need many things,
from decorations to gifts.

It is said that the tradition
of giving and receiving gifts at
Christmas originated when the Magi
presented gifts to baby Jesus.

Nowadays, we give each other gifts
as an expression of love
and even hold parties.

It might be fun to draw a picture
of the gift you would like to
receive or the party you would like
to participate.

Santa at the Chimney / @Chriskageink
Santa is Coming!! / @mckeijin

Santa Claus have originated
from the good deeds of priests.

The concept of Santa Claus
was born in the Middle Ages
when priests gave gifts to poor

Even today, many people engage in
acts of kindness during Christmas,
and efforts to make Christmas,
a special day, including the official
selection of Santa Claus
and providing updates on
Santa Claus's activities to preserve
children's innocence.

What kind of Christmas comes to mind
for you right now?

Take on the challenge of drawing
pictures depicting your own Christmas
experiences, various decorations,
or Christmas wishes.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from December. 16, Sat (GMT)
to December. 31, Sun (GMT).

The challenge is running based
on GMT.

Therefore, the start and end times
December differ depending on time zone
of each country, so please refer to
GMT time when uploading your work.

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team