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[Challenge] 2023. December : Let's draw Wing

Wings are an important tool
that allows us to fly.

Butterflies and bees flap their wings
and fly across flower fields,
and birds use their wings to catch
food or migrate to distant places
each season.

We travel to distant places using
passenger planes that can fly quickly
with large wings, or we rescue people
in rough terrain using helicopters
with rotating wings.

In addition, imaginary beings
such as angels, dragons, and gods
also have wings.

The first challenge theme for
December is 'Wing',
which allows you to fly in the sky
using airflow.

Bird / @One2three
dream ~ / @Sina

Birds fly using the lift they gain
by changing the airflow around their

In the case of insects,
slightly differently from birds,
they are able to fly by changing
the air resistance upward.

The aircraft made by mankind were
made with birds as a motif,
so they fly in a similar way
to birds.

The mention of helicopters may bring
dragonflies to mind, but these
machines are constructed using
multiple airplane wings.
The small wings are considered
auxiliary means to control recoil.

Angel / @Mishelangello
Sweet dream goddess / @bluelightt

Wings have been an essential element
to express a complete being since
ancient times.

It was a symbol of divinity or
transcendence because it could soar
in the sky, transcend the earth,
and reach areas that humans
could not reach.

The reason birds were worshiped as
gods or messengers of gods in ancient
times was because of their wings.

It would be fun to draw a picture of
what you think wings mean.

Flying / @W9091
Wingsuits over Snowy Mountains
/ @HTH

Flying squirrels and flying lizards
are said to be animals that use
their thin membranes as wings.

Although they cannot cover long
distances, they are able to glide
freely at high places using
the membrane between their front
and hind feet.

Flying fish also jump over the water
in a similar way using their fins
and fly tens of meters.

What kind of wings do you think of
right now?

Take on the challenge by drawing
a variety of wings, from actual wings
of animals or tools to imagined ones.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from December. 1, Fri (GMT)
to December. 15, Fri (GMT).

The challenge is running based
on GMT.

Therefore, the start and end times
June differ depending on time zone
of each country, so please refer to
GMT time when uploading your work.

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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