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[HOF] December 2023 @jake

Animal paintings possess diverse

Engaging with nature is believed
to stir positive emotions, including
wonder and a sense of greatness.

Various expressions can be
incorporated into paintings by
utilizing the symbolism of
each animal, and it can be used as
a material to express society
metaphorically and humorously.

Therefore, animal paintings are
consistently drawn and loved by
many people, transcending cultures
and times.

Artist @jake,
whose work depicts adorable animals,
was selected for the December’s
Hall of Fame.

@jake’s works feature
images of various animals.

The artworks showcase diverse animals
inhabiting various landscapes,
including the sky, land, rivers,
and sea.

The delicate lines portraying
animals, along with a variety of
colors, evoke a vibrant sensation,
immersing the viewer in a lifelike
encounter with the depicted animals.

Through this, @jake prompts us to
realize once again that animals are
also beings with facial expressions
and emotions.

At the same time, @jake allows us to
infer the lives of animals through
various situations reflected in their
appearances, and allows us to feel
the greatness and wonder of life
through their adaptation to nature.

In addition, the images of animals
that can only be encountered through
imagination, such as dinosaurs or
dragons, help us imagine various
situations or come up with unique

Stop by the artist’s feed now
and meet the lovely animals.

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comment on the work containing
your favorite animal.

Also, please check out our upcoming
interview with @jake.

Thank you.

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