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[Interview] HOF November 2023 @MissyJ

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French painter Henri Rousseau
have painted simple
yet fantastic works.

He visited various places
such as fairs, zoos,
and botanical gardens,
and created paintings
with a unique feel
by incorporating the scenes
he imagined into the animals
and plants he saw in person.

His works,
which combine reality and imagination,
are said to have had
a great influence on the birth
of Cubism and collage techniques
by stimulating the inspiration
of others with their
unique composition, color,
and exotic materials.

Artist @MissyJ,
who was selected for
the Hall of Fame in November,
also inspires us through
dreamy works that combine
reality and fantasy.

In the artist's works,
reality and imagination
are in harmony.

MissyJ creates art pieces
full of mystery and a dreamlike
feeling by melting imagination
into real-life scenes such as
people, animals, and landscapes.

Along with this,
MissyJ also shows passion and love
for painting through the process of
working, abstraction,
and drawing works
using various painting techniques.

We would like to find out
through an interview
how MissyJ came to draw these works.

Now, let’s begin the interview
with the artist.

Hello MissyJ.
This is the PENUP operation team.

First, congratulations on
being selected for
the Hall of Fame in November 2023.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and tell us your thoughts on
being selected.

A1. @MissyJ
Hello PENUP Team,
I am so honored
and pleasantly surprised to be
chosen for HOF for November 2023.
There are so many talented artist
on penup.
Thank you so much
for the congratulations.

My name is Melissa (MissyJ),
I am from The United States,
a small town in Kentucky.

I am happily married with 3 children,
My oldest child is
special needs(Nonverbal Autism).

I am currently a stay at home mom
however my life is extremely hectic
I use art as an escape into
a different reality.

I have no formal training.
I just draw what I feel.
And hope to take other people
on the ride with me.
I have a very active imagination.

Since posting your first work
in September 2020,
you have been uploading works

How you found out about PENUP
and how you came to
upload your work?

A2. @MissyJ
I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

I was injured at work
when a rocket launcher went off
next to my head.
Which lead to ear damage
and severe vertigo.
For therapy I was told
to draw to help with focusing.

I found PENUP on my phone
and have been drawing every since.

You were drawing works
on a variety of subjects.

What devices and apps
these works are created through?

A3. @MissyJ
I never Drew with digital art before.

I started with using PENUP.

Then later I switched to ibispaintx
which I currently use today.

You paint a variety of works,
from people and animals to landscapes
and abstract paintings.

What motivated you to start drawing?

A4. @MissyJ
I was injured at work
and they recommended drawing
to help me focus as therapy.
Needless to say
the therapy didn’t work
but the love of drawing returned.

I use to draw as a child.
The digital world was new to me.

And PENUP help introduce me to that world.

We are also able to see
landscape paintings depicting
various places.

Are the places depicted
in your artworks real,
or do you draw imaginary places?

Also, what do you find
appealing about landscape painting?

A5. @MissyJ
They are imaginary places
I have an active imagination.

I like to try new things, new styles.
I’m always learning.
I refer to my self as a jack of
all trades a master of none.

I usually just draw what
I’m feeling at the time.
I think that's why most of
my art tells a story.
I’m an emotional person
and usually all over the place.
I think my art represents that.

You were drawing
various imaginary scenes
that reminded legends and myths.

What inspires you
to create such artworks?
could you share some methods
you use to find inspiration
for your art?

A6. @MissyJ
I usually take a subject
such as fairies or Atlantis
and let my imagination wonder.

When I think of fairies
I think of mother nature.
Earth, Wind, Fire and Air.
So the first one is Fire.
The subject Atlantis
I thought of mermaids.
Then I thought what if
it's a cat mermaid.
First Catlantis came to mind.

My mind is weird
but that's the way it works.
I start with a subject
and my mind just wonders.

You've also created
a variety of portraits.
What characters do you mainly focus
on in your work?

A7. @MissyJ
I couldn't draw people
at the beginning of 2021
I made a new year's resolution
that year that I would teach myself
how to draw people.
It started off rough.
Today I’m still learning.

The first one was
a Joaquín Sorolla challenge
from a good friend
I met on PENUP (Jaume_vp).
I did my version using a reference
in Joaquín Sorolla style.

The second one was a remix
with EDORIANA I used her sketch
and used the skills
I have been learning
to draw people with.

We were also able to see
that you painted many works
related to constellations.

Could you tell us
what inspired you to draw
constellation-themed artworks
and where you draw
your inspiration from?

A8. @MissyJ
It started off as a collaboration
with Hani (another wonderful person
I met in PENUP).
I just saw Aquarius
when I saw her collaboration.

So I did do research
on the planets and colors etc.
Then Aquarius was born.
After that other Penpals asked me
to draw there zodiac signs.

And therefore
the Zodiac Collection was born.

You were painting
in a variety of styles,
from abstract paintings
to Cubist-style works.
How did you come to draw this work?

do you have any other themes
or styles you'd like to explore
in your future artworks?

A9. @MissyJ
Like I said I love to learn.
A good friend on PENUP (Branka)
loves abstract and she encouraged me
to try it.

So I did at the beginning
it was a huge mess.
But I gradually got better
at abstract.

She is also the one
who encouraged cubism.
However the second picture
is a remix with Aniela.2m.

I always love learning
different styles.
I would love to get better
at drawing flowers.

Last question!
While using PENUP
If there is anything
you would like to see improved
or a story you would like to share,
please let us know.

A10. @MissyJ
I would love to have 2 way blocking.
I know you can block a person
but that person can still see
your art and comment on your artwork.
You cannot see their art
or when they comment on your art,
but everyone else can.
I think two way blocking would
help with the bullying and fighting.

Other than that
I love the PENUP community.

And I hope
I can help other penup artists
as they have helped me
in my journey.

How was the interview with

It is said
that Henri Rousseau was a painter
with a strong desire and love
for painting,
consistently studying painting
and challenging himself
to become a painter at a late age.

MissyJ also embodies passion
and love for painting through
various imaginations,
creating a dreamy and
mysterious world of work.

For those of you
reading this article,
why not add your own imagination
to the material you observed?

It would be fun to express
the inspiration we observed
and felt through lines and colors
and share the story with others.

We hope that PENUP will be filled
with your imagination and create
a beautiful fantasy world.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team