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[Review] Challenge of October (2)

Our second challenge in October
was about “Halloween”,
a day when people used to believe
the line between this life and
the afterlife gets blurred.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.

Go to the epilogue of
the 2nd challenge of October

And, of course,
we got plenty of interesting scenes
from Halloween this year
thanks to your interest and support.

People brought us in
to see Halloween events
from all over the world,
and we got to enjoy people dressed
up in so many different costumes,
We had a great time looking at
stories about Halloween
and really stretched our imagination.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in the challenge with
great artwork.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Happy Halloween / @yvema
Bridge in Fall / @darrianlynx

We have a spooky forest
immersed in a thick fog.
The jack-o'-lantern
hanging on the tree tells us
it’s Halloween.
And there’s a ghost dressed
in white standing
right in the middle.
It must’ve crossed over into
our world since Halloween
blurs the line between the world
of the living and the dead.
This artwork is by @yvema.

There are lots of pumpkins growing
right next to a bridge on the river.
The falling leaves and the colors
tell us it's late autumn,
and we're right about to pass
into winter.
And we’re actually looking forward
to seeing how the city starts
to get ready for Halloween
with pumpkins this year.
This artwork is by @darrianlynx.

Scary Halloween / @Maria
Mid night Magic box hist / @SarPal

You see the bats flying around?
She must be doing some sort of
challenge for Halloween.
Just look at her face
and all that fear in her eyes.
She’s already terrified.
Plus, the yellow eyes on the pumpkin
look like they’re alive.
Something really scary
must be just waiting to happen.
This artwork is by @Maria.

The moon rises above the wall,
and on the tree on the wall,
we see a few bright Jack-o'-lanterns
hanging on its branches.
Under the lantern,
we have a child and dog sitting down
and looking into a glowing box
of some sort.
It might be a magic box
they got for Halloween,
which means something mysterious
and exciting could be hidden inside.
This artwork is by @sarpal.

for dear friend Donna / @A123
The Special Treat / @Diana

This house is surrounded
by an ominous green light,
and there are ghosts everywhere.
The pumpkins and boiling liquid
in the pot must be giving off
all of that green energy
around the house.
And there’s a witch
inside the house,
so the liquid could be an elixir
she made for Halloween.
This artwork is by @A123.

It’s a moonlit night,
and the jack-o'-lanterns
are lighting the little log cabin.
The two children are all dressed up
- one as a witch,
the other as a pirate.
They’ve opened up their
trick-or-treat bag,
and they look really surprised.
A bag glowing blue inside
might be something they got
from a fairy hiding right around
the corner of the log cabin.
This artwork is by @Diana.

The Halloween story / @Branka
(Untitled / @Yana

The purple moon is casting
a gloomy purple haze
around the house.
There’s someone walking up the steps
guarded by the Jack-o'-lanterns.
Looking at the black pointy hat
and frayed robe, it seems the house
on the hill belongs to a witch.
This artwork is by @Branka.

The trees here have dropped
all of their leaves
but the forest is so dense,
all of the branches
are blotting out the moon.
And there’s this one
really scary-looking Jack-o'-lantern
hanging on a tree.
There are also these
little balls of light.
They might actually be ghosts,
and not something put up
for Halloween.
This artwork is by @Yana.

Trick or Treat / @R.A.A

In this next one,
the person at the door
is wearing a huge
jack o’ lantern-shaped helmet.
He does have a pumpkin-shaped basket
in his hand,
so it looks like
he’s here for some treats.
Also, he’s dressed up neatly
and the black cat is
just looking at him
completely unfazed.
So it must be a father pulling off
a prank to surprise his family.
This artwork is by @R.A.A

Halloween Moon / @Bekkie

A crescent moon rises
in the snowy forest,
and the stars are twinkling.
The whole world is covered
in a mysterious purple light,
and a passing witch has stopped
to admire the view.
She seems completely lost
in her thoughts.
This beautiful scene
with a rising moon on Halloween
is from @Bekkie.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 1st challenge of November,
‘Let’s draw Season
for 2024 Calendar’

is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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