2023-10-30. AM 03:29
[HOF] November 2023 @MissyJ

Pablo Picasso is
a representative painter
of the 20th century
and the most prolific person
in history.

He worked as a painter for
over 80 years and have created
over 60,000 paintings
and sculptures.

It is said that the reason
he was able to live the life
of an artist for a long time
was because he enjoyed drawing
and was full of passion
and affection for painting.

The various works
he left behind are still loved
by many people,
capturing their attention.

In the November Hall of Fame,
artist @MissyJ,
who shows the love for art
through works
covering various themes,
has been selected.

MissyJ’s works
contain a variety of themes.

MissyJ draw countless people
and animals,
and create dreamy and fantastic works
by putting imagination
and emotions into them.

Unique and mysterious works
that straddle reality and imagination
stimulate the imagination of viewers
and create new stories.

At the same time,
MissyJ is showing the diversity
of paintings
and taking on new challenges
through landscapes,
abstract paintings,
or works containing
various painting styles.

Looking at the work process
documented on MissyJ’s feed,
one can discern
the artist's inspiration
and efforts.

the MissyJ’s deep passion
and affection for art are felt
in the gradually improving artworks.

Stop by the artist’s feed now
and check out artworks
on a variety of topics.

In addition to your congratulations,
please don’t forget to click
‘Like’ on the works you like
and write down your reviews
after seeing them.

Also, please check out our upcoming
interview with @MissyJ.

Thank you.

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