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[Challenge] 2023. November : Let's draw Season for 2024 Calendar

Hello. PENPLE’s!

Time has passed quickly,
and 2023 is now
just around the corner.

This year, which season
do you remember most?

You may think of spring
when all things come to life,
summer with its scorching sun,
fall, the season of falling leaves
and harvest,
or winter when the white snow falls.

The first challenge theme
for November is
‘Season for 2024 Calendar’,
which is about remembering
the passing year and preparing
for the new year 2024.

'Tis the Season / @AngrullaMF
Summer beach. 발자국.. / @pokapoka

It is said that the reason
seasons change is because
the Earth is tilted.

The Earth orbits around the Sun
with its axis tilted by
23.5 degrees.

the altitude of the sun
and the length of the day
change and seasonal changes occur.

The reason why the seasons
in the Northern and Southern
Hemispheres are opposite even though
they are at the same time
is said to be due to
the tilt of the axis of rotation.

Waiting for autumn in the landscape.
/ @youngsook
Last winter / @Dexter

Each season
has its own symbolic colors
and metaphorical expressions.

Spring is often represented
with bright colors,
symbolizing new beginnings and joy,
while summer is associated with
blues and reds,
conveying a sense of activity.

Autumn symbolizes abundance
and stability and brings to
mind brown and scarlet colors,
while winter metaphorically
expresses silence
or difficult times
through the white of snow
and the black of the dark night.

It would be fun to express
the colors and metaphorical feelings
that symbolize the season
you think of through drawings.

winter / @FatemaMusharrof
rainy season in Bali / @Hanne

The way to classify seasons
varies depending on the region.

Mid-latitude regions are divided
into dry and rainy seasons
by precipitation,
while tropical regions are divided
into dry and rainy seasons
based on precipitation.

In high latitudes,
summer and winter are distinguished
by the length of day and night,
and the scenery and
feel of the seasons vary
depending on the region.

What seasonal scenery
do you think of right now?

Try the challenge
by drawing pictures
of your favorite season
and the various seasons
you want to experience.

A 2024 calendar will be made
with the selected works.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from November. 1, Wed (GMT)
to November. 15, Wed (GMT).

The challenge is running based
on GMT.

Therefore, the start and end times
June differ depending on time zone
of each country, so please refer to
GMT time when uploading your work.

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team