2023-10-23. AM 02:13
[Notice] PENUP Update Ver 3.9.12

Greetings. PENPLE’s!

The PENUP Android app version
has been updated to 3.9.12.

Today, we would like to introduce
you to the changes
in version 3.9.12 of PENUP.

First, PENUP subscription is now
supported on non-Samsung
devices as well.

Based on numerous user requests,
we have enhanced the sign-up process
for PENUP, allowing users
to sign up
with a Samsung account,
even if they are not using
a Samsung device.
You can now log in to PENUP
from various devices
and share your creative works
with other users.

Second, a gesture function
has been added to the drawing tool.

At the bottom of the drawing tool,
there is a button
that allows you to undo or cancel
an action after painting
a line or color.

A gesture function has
now been added to make it
easier to use functions
using your fingers.
A gesture function has been added
to make it easier to use
functions by your fingers.

The function can be enable/disable
by navigating to
More → Settings → Gestures.
If you toggle it ON,
you can undo actions
using a gesture.

After turning on the function,
touch the screen with
two fingers together to undo
the action before
painting the line or color.

If you repeat the touch,
the undo will proceed
as many times as you want.

To undo an action
that was previously undone,
simply touch the screen
with three fingers.

Please note that
this can be used repeatedly
as much as you touch it,
just like when using two fingers.

Conveniently edit your work
and create a high-quality work
by using your fingers.

Third, the Follow back function
has been added.

To enable you to use
the follow function
more conveniently,
the ‘Follow back’ function
has been added.

Upon updating to version 3.9.12,
when you visit
another user's profile,
a button labeled 'Follow back'
will be displayed
for users whom you do not follow,
but who follow you.
This makes it easy to check
who is following you
and establish new friendships
with a variety of users!

Fourth, support for child accounts
has been enhanced.

With the strengthening of
the child account support function,
if a user is identified as
a minor through a Samsung account,
social features
will be hidden in PENUP.

Except for social functions,
other functions
can be used normally,
and when you reach
the age to use PENUP,
social functions
will be automatically enabled.

Please note that
the age standards for minors
may vary depending on the country.

various design improvements
have been made,
and errors have been corrected.
PENUP will continuously strive
to ensure
that you have a fun and happy
painting life.
Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team